Hidden Danger

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  1. The eyes are every, everyone. No ones safe not anymore they here the going to kill...
    Was the last evidence of a man recorded being torn apart by some invisible force
    Detective walker sat watching this over and over eventually he gave up trying to figure out what this was
  2. Detective Lexie walked up behind Walker, setting a hand on his shoulder and offering him a cup of coffee. "Any luck?" she asked, looking at the screen carefully. They'd been searching for this for hours, and so far where unlucky.
  3. "This was definitely a diclonius attack. See here how the man bursts apart without anything touching him." Detective Walker re winded to the part where Thomas Goodwin/the vic burst apart "I think I Found one."
  4. Detective Lexie sighed. "Looks like you did..hmm. What do you think they're doing here again? I thought we eradicated all of them.." she sat beside him, setting the mug beside the computer.
  5. " I don't know but if there are more we should let the agency know."
    They weren't normal detectives they were hunters, diclonius hunters. They found diclonius killed them and brought the head to the agency for profit
  6. Lexie nodded. "Yes, we should.." she watched the video carefully. "Hopefully, there's only one. We don't need another group to deal with. The last one was hard enough."
  7. The last group had taken them and several others a year to track the diclonius down claiming five of their friends
    "I hope you're right but right now I'm tired let's go to bed." He asked with his usual puppy dog eyes which were hard to say no to
  8. Lexie bit her lip, but sighed in defeat. "Okay, okay. It is late.." she nodded. "To bed it is."
  9. They left for bed. Detective walker saw detective lexi remove her clothes and put on her night dress they both climbed into bed. Walker put his arm around Lexi holding her close. He didn't want to admit it but he cared about her.
  10. Lexie cuddled close to Walker, resting her head in the nook between his shoulder and his neck. "Sweet dreams.." she said softly.
  11. He lay down his head and close his eyes. The last thought that was in his mind was him and Lexi old and happy.
    He awoke to an empty apartment blood everywhere he searched the apartment looking for Lexi but instead found a woman red hair holding her legs on the floor Lexi lay beside her. "NO LEXI!" He screamed as he ran towards the woman she had horns the only sign of a diclonius. He felt her hands grab him slowly tearing his arm off. He screamed in pain. She tore the other off and then his legs. Finally her hand came down on him...
    He awoke so abruptly he fell off the bed making sure Lexi was okay. He had woken her up.
  12. Lexie bolted upright. She rubbed her eyes. "Walker...are you okay?!" she asked worriedly, grabbing his hands and gently pulling him up off the ground. She hugged him. "What happened?" she asked in a softer voice. Her heart was racing. She was worried for him.
  13. "I'm okay." He said unconvincingly. This was the third time this week he had a nightmare. He didn't know who this woman was but he was sure she was causing these dreams somehow
  14. Lexie looked into his eyes. "Walker...seriously." she said in a gentle voice. "I can tell something's off with you." she pushed him gently back on the bed and sat next to him, cuddling close. "You can tell me...I'm here for you." she rested her head on his shoulder, holding him in a tight, yet gentle hug.