Hidden Compassion

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  1. View attachment 8075 Kelsey was twenty-two. She was a college student who still lived with her parents. Life wasn't really enjoyable living back in her parent's house. When she had turn eighteen she moved out with a friend, vowing never to come back but life caught up to her. It seems that you can't pay for an education as well as pay rent in time on a waitresses wages, so her friend found a new roommate and Kelsey headed back home. For the first few months there were a lot of fights because her parents didn't want their daughter to grow up and have her own thoughts.

    It was Saturday and Kelsey had to get ready for work. She pulled her brown hair back into a half pony tail, her green eyes could clearly be seen. From there she put on her uniform which consisted of a white tank top and jean shorts. It may not be the most professional uniform, but it definitely got the attention of some of the customers.

    Kelsey clocked in around 5 PM and wouldn't clock out until around 1 AM. Her parents worried about her hours because they said walking a 10 minute walk home could be lethal. "You never know who could be lurking in the shadows, Kelsey. You are only 5'5'' do you know how easily you could be stolen?" was something her mom always said. Her mom would always offer to pick her up, but Kelsey enjoyed walking home. It was nice to take a late night stroll and unwind from rowdy customers.
  2. Averick waited outside Kelsey's work, as he did many nights. It was a cold mid-winters morning, and his every breath sending out a fine mist. Despite temperature being more than simply uncomfortable, it was worth it. This was the woman he loved, and whatever company of hers he had, however one sided it was, was worth every little bit of pain it caused. And besides, tonight was the night. He would tell her how he felt.

    Averick wasn't the most handsome of men. He was far from ugly, but the deep scars on his face kept him from reaching his true potential. His deep blue eyes, however, shined gloriously, and his short, darkish blonde hair lessening the impact of his scars. Despite being quite charmish when he wanted to these scars severely lowered his self esteem and hindered social interaction, especially with the opposite sex. For tonight however, thanks to the powers of liquor mostly, he had confidence.

    "Whats the worst that could happen?" he spoke to himself. "If she says no, nothing changes. We keep our relationship to her not acknowledging my existence, and I keep my fantasies," his thin Swedish accent slurred yet still comprehensible. He realised he was talking to himself, looked around, making sure no one saw him. There seemed to be no one in sight, as if the city streets were dead.

    He heard the door of her workplace creaked open, and he inched forward in his seat, trying to see if it were her.
  3. Hours seemed to just drag by, customers seemed to be real unruly.. for some reason work was far from pleasant. After counting her tips and making sure they were tucked carefully into her wallet, she clocked out of work. Before leaving she put on a light jacket with a scarf, of course that wouldn't be protection enough from the nip of the night air, but it was better than nothing.

    With ear buds in she pushed open the door. Nothing seemed too out of place. An empty car here and there, a flicking streetlight, the streets were eerily empty.. something didn't feel right, but she pushed the thought to the back of her head. Shoving her her hands into her jacket pocket she prepared herself for the walk home. Kelsey hummed softly and smiled brightly. There was something about music that just lifted her soul. Music also helped her from being scared which was something she would never admit to her mother.

    Kelsey walked to the end of the sidewalk waiting patiently for the light the crosswalk sign to permit her to walk. She took the moment to pull out her Ipod and play "Would You Love A Monsterman" by Lordi.
  4. The 'ping' of the bell atop the door snapped Averick back to reality. As Kelsey emerged from her workplace, he couldn't help but notice her beauty. Everything she did, she did so majestically, and the grace to match. He called out to her, but she seemed not to hear. He kept calling, but it was a fruitless endeavor. So he followed her trying to catch up to her. "Kelsey," he said, tapping her on the shoulder. "Kelsey, I need to tell you something."
  5. The tap on her shoulder made her jump. She pulled out an earbud and raised an eyebrow. Never before had she seen this man, but he knew her name.

    "about what?" Kelsey asked hesitantly.

    She racked her brain for a few moments trying to see if she could place this man's face. Quickly, she noted his blue eyes, his hair, and scars. Nothing came to mind. After pulling out her phone and noticing the time she began to shift her weight impatiently from foot to foot. After awhile her impatience faded away to fright. How did he know her name? How did he know when she got off work? Several things just weren't adding up. His face was frightening. It was time to get as far away from him as possible.

    "I.. uh.. actually don't have time to talk," she said softly and began heading across the street.
  6. Averick was disheartened by Kelsey's reaction. It was as if she hadn't even seen him before. Though it is true they had never spoken before, it is not as if they had never been present in the same location. He swallowed his despair and continued after her, following her into the night.

    "Kelsey," he called after her. "It is I, Averick. I must tell you that I am in love with you. Your very presence makes me giddy. You are a joy to me, a beauty that isn't present in most lands. Oh Kelsey, I know we haven't spoken before, and I know you know me not, but I feel as though I know you. Everything I have observed of you makes me love you more. Please, please consider my request?
  7. She shook her head as the man began to ramble about love and how he made her feel. It was all too much, almost frightening. Her pace quickened as she tried to put a fair amount of distance between her and this man, Averick.

    "No, I don't know you," Kelsey shouted over her shoulder.

    Her legs begged her to begin running. The sense of danger began to heighten, and it didn't help that he was following her. Waiting for her outside of work and approaching her on the corner is one thing but continuing to pursue her, that was something completely different. Her mother warned her about times like this, always told her to be safe and wary and of course Kelsey being Kelsey would brush of her warnings as the ramblings of a protective mom. Now would be a good time to take heed of her mother's advice and be more careful.

    "Please sir, just leave me alone," she said rather sharply.