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  1. Hello everyone! My addiction to RP has eventually brought me here due to the lack of RP I've been having and my want to spread my pallet out a bit :)
    I searched a bunch of places and eventually got to this and said "Well heck. Why not give it a try?' And hence, I am here! I usually RP over Skype or messaging via text but! I can try to adapt to all these things people use Haha.
    If you'd like to Roleplay or have a plot idea toss me a PM or something!
  2. Hello Nbui and welcome to iwaku!!!
    I hope you have fun on this roleplay site and make lots of "friends" hehe.
    By the way I like your profile pic!
    The fallen angel.
  3. Thank you :)
  4. Hello Nbui, welcome to Iwaku!
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  5. Hey Neb- Nabu- Nyb- HOW DO YOU SAY YOUR NAME!?
    .... Hi Bui, Welcome to Iwaku.
    Also, aren't all lemons combustible?
    Happy Roleplaying!
  6. You've got it right x3 The name FLOATS!

    And only some lemons are combustible.. The kind life gives you in the Orange Box! And thank you, have a good one :D
  7. Hell there, Nick, welcome to the community!