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Heya, I'm Alice I'm English and I'm not new to role playing.
I'm looking for a few rp's to jump into 1x1 or group I don't mind..
So... Hi! :D
Hello, Alice, and Welcome to Iwaku!

Not new to role playing, you say? Good...good...it's all going according to plan! >:D

If it's a one on one you're looking for, fly into the
One v One Forum and have at it! Send requests or answer somes!

Hello Alice, new person to add to our English people collection! >:3
Hiya Alice! We are glad to have you! Wuahahahahaha >:-) Anywho, I'm Celeste.
Welcome to the site, I'm October nice to meet you. You'll find tons of people also looking for oneXone Rp, so I doubt you'll have any trouble finding partners. If you need anything, just ask. We're here to help!
Another English person called Alice, alright! -high five-
Hello, Alice-Mouse! I'm Ozzie. If you're looking for RPs you can just jump right into, you should go here!

Let me know if you have any questions, okay? :]
Welcome to the forum the Alice. We hope you enjoy your stay here in Wonderland Iwaku.