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  1. Uh, hi everyone! I have actually never done something like this so forgive me if I do something wrong! I really enjoy roleplaying and I hope we all have fun together!
  2. Everyone does things their own way. No worries, Lunar. Welcome to Iwaku, find a thread, and have some fun!
  3. Thanks so much and I will!
  4. Maybe we'll see each other in a rp one day? I tend to stick to my own rp's with my friends on this site, but maybe we'll see each other somewhere! If so, I look forward to it! Sayonara!
  5. Same! Hopefully i'll see you later!
  6. Hi, I am also new to this site! So, welcome, from one newbie to another! I have RP'd on other sites such as Enchanted Hogwarts and Equinox. Maybe we can RP together sometime?
  7. I'd certainly love to RP together! I'm sure we'd have a lot of fun!
  8. Hihi Lunar, welcome to the site! :D
  9. Hello! Thanks for the welcome!
  10. Welcome to you as well Alisa. I RPed very shortly on TheFantasyForum, but it seems as though that one's slowly becoming a dead site.. :/

    Soooo... I packed my bags and moved here. ^_^ If you two have any places you'd like me to join you in on here, pm me and I'll take a look!
  11. Thank-you Aragwen! I do have a request thread for a onexone Harry Potter thread, if either of you are interested (and it could easily be a group thread). If not, then I'll contact you guys if I come up with any ideas :D (or vice-versa). As of now, I'm just surfing through threads, looking to see how the site works and get ideas.
  12. Ah I think I started a thread in modern fantasy roleplay.... Though It's a bit embarrassing XD