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I'm Kara, Kura's twin! I just wanted to drop by and say hi!
Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
I hope you find a roleplay that catches your interest here!
I'm Kitti, ask me if you have any questions.
Welcome to the site. So are you two identical twins?
Nah, we're the non-related kind. xD Everyone ine real life calls us twins.


I KNEW I would get you here. >:3 Welcome, chica! Watch out for this Diana chick, though, I hear she's pretty mean >>'
*Punches Kura down the stairs.*

...am not.
Vay.... (occasionally)emo kroot alien thing, who hang around a lot and.... well hi kara, heard about you from kura, yea looking forward to seeing you around if you stay. Watch out for asmo.... best defense is to get him between you and a staircase and kick hard
*An XM-32 Wraith rolls up. The TC's hatch opens and Carl climbs up, laser designator in hand.*

Gun Monkeys, I need you guys to load up a mix of Point Det HE and Airburst Shrapnel.

*Carl lazes Vay with the designator then keys his radio.*


*Howitzers open fire, the distant thunder audible. Vay is pulverized by High Explosive and Shrapnel rounds.*

Great shooting, guys, great shooting. Next time we'll try a Specter.
From now on, you are #1 and #2. That is all.
You're really Kura in disguise, aren't you?

*laughs unconvincingly and grins*

I kid... of course! Welcome to Iwaku! Also, I think it's awesome that your first post isn't filled with grammatical errors and awkwardness!

*he stops grinning*

Because I hate such things... oh yes!
...well, hi, but I must ask one question....where did you drop from?
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask.

*walks off into the shadows leaving an odd shaped foot print that looks like a paw*
*just takes the arty, is used to it by now, picks himself up and wonders off*
Welcome to Iwaku, Kara~ :)
If you have any questions lemme know :D

Welcome to Iwaku, and have fun, don't be afraid to ask questions!
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