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  1. Well then, I'm Darkness Dies, preferably Darkness.
    I'm about to fill out this here RP Resume after posting this quick and simple. ^^
    Hmm, I've roleplayed a lot before, and stopped for a while, since I was having log in issues on a different site, but now I found a new forum to look at!
    So here's about me really fast:
    I'm 14, my maturity doesn't match the number.
    I love to dance.
    Yes, I'm the same Darkness Dies from Ponyisland.
    I can be called lots of different things base on whether or not you know me. (Ex. Srawberry52, KingdomAarts, Rikku)
    I would put more, but I'm too lazy and I have a pep-rally to dance at tomorrow. So as soon as I fill out my resume, I'm asleep and hopefully I'll have enough brains to remember to come here tomorrow! :D

    I'll take any questions, suggestions, and/or objections about myself, so don't be shy!
  2. No can do, we already have a Darkness.
    He's a lovely fellow, but probably not one you'd like to be confused for.
    I suppose we shall call you Dies, then. How delightfully morbid.

    Welcome to Iwaku, anyway! I'm Kitti.
    The forum is fairly easy to navigate and rather self-explanatory but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Our General section in particular is for discussion with fun topics like this one, about what our members are reading, to check out.
  3. Already have a Darkness, nyeh?
    I don't see how I didn't think of that. xD
    Okay then, Dies it shall be. >:D
    And thank you. ^_^
  4. Hello dies :) welllcomme

    *throws pokeball at kitti*
  5. Feel free to look around, if you need any help...
    **Pokeball shakes**
    Please don't hesitate...
    **Pokeball shakes**
    TO ASK!

    **Kitti escapes the pokeball**
  6. I will get you some day......

    any ways How do you like the site so far?
  7. Hello, DD. I'm October knight, nice to meet you : ) If you need any thing don't hesitate to ask. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  8. I will call you DARKA! >:D

    Errr...Welcome Double D.
  10. I'm so calling you Double D!
    That is genius!

    Hi, I'm Megan/Sarah/Regan/(probably a bunch of other names), but feel free to call me what you will, Double D.
    The people here are super nice, so... you'll have great fun, I'm sure.
  11. What kind of dancing styles do you prefer?
    Fan of ABDC?
  12. Aw, I feel so welcomed! =^_^=
    1- Double D, Oh.. My... Gah! I like that name! Same with Darka. xD
    2- My favorite dancing style is... Jazz and hip-hop! But I can dance to anything, those are just my favorite. :3
    And I've never heard of ABDC, sorry. ^_^;;
  13. Wah? Well then, youtube Jabbawockeez.
  14. Jabbawockeez? I shall. >:O
    Riggght after I listen to BOTDW. =w=
  15. This is some kind of weird prophecy, isn't it?

    Dibs on his delicious drugs when Darky bites it! We can use his hair make a shrine. A drunken shrine!
  16. But I wanna be the father of Megan Fox's children before I die. D:
  17. . . .
    -respect points down five for Dark-san.-
  18. I finally found myself~!
    But the alive-form. :o
  19. Oh I'm sorry.

    I guess I should've said I wanted to be the father of your children instead.
  20. 8D
    Now that would be a good sitcom.