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  1. Hi! I'm Sepdemonium- but please call me Sep or Yumi :] umm.. what about me? Well, I guess the easiest thing to start with is how I found this site :] I saw the awesome banner for this site on another site that I torment-uhh I mean RP with people on :]
    I'm not very good with introductions as you can tell, I ALWAYS end up putting stuff about me that should go in a RP resume :] so I'll try not to do that..
    I like anime, but I wouldn't say that I watch mass amounts of it.. I'm more of a reader, I love horror books the best! Anything from Poe to King, the darker it is the more I love it. I also love historical books, and my least favourite type is romance :]
    I like all forms of rock music, including J rock. I tend to have a large list of favourite songs so I don't think I'll list them all, lest they clog the page.. the same goes for artists :]
    now, on to my rping.. I've being rping for over two years.. but I really don't think I'm very good :] I mainly play guys and have over sixty characters.. but I only really use twelve :] I like fantasy, horror, gothic horror.. anything creepy.. I don't really like romantic Rps unless it's Yaoi :]
    what else.. umm.. oh yeah! I will be bringing one of my Rps over.. please bare with me and feel free to move it if I put it in the wrong area.. :]
    I will try to be on as much as I can, but I'm often very busy or not to well.. .. but I shall do my best :] it's very nice to meet you all!
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  2. Hai hai Sep ^.^
    Welcome to iWaku, magicccccalllll Q_Q
    I apologize X'D I am seriously sleep deprived X'D
    Anyways, I hope you find some epic threads and groups and more on this site ^.^ It's really freaken awesome and everyone is so nice :)
    P.s Scary/Horror books are my fave as well c: If you wanted something more on the seriously gorey/fantasy side of the spectrum, give Darren Shan's (Demonta) series a go :D I've read all 9 books 4 times each...X'D
  3. hi Ali! Thanks for the welcome! I really like the atompshire of this place, it's awesome :] and I love Darren Shan! Lord loss is such a good character.. have you ever read the Thin exicutioner? I think that's by him as well and it's pretty good :]
  4. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  5. Hi C92cool! thanks for the welcome :]
  6. *bows once more* You are most welcomed. :)
  7. Hi Sep! Welcome to our land of roleplay! >:3
  8. thanks for the welcome, Diana :]
  9. YES! Yay <33 Fellow Darren Shan lover c:
  10. Have to ask... You like GazettE?
  11. *highfives Ali* I'm glad to find someone else :]

    *nods* I love GazettE, Nightmare, Goldenbomber and quite a few other J-rock/ visual Kei artists :]