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well i'm new to this and all so i may not be able to do everything that is considered to be great posting but i do try my best to keep up and learn. i am still trying to get used to the whole RP community stuff. i started at a really small site that a friend of mine started a while back and it has gone down since then and i really liked what i was learning to do. i find it to be really fun and exciting and a great form of stress relief. but i mostly seek it out for the enjoyment of the possibilities that can happen in a single thread. I find joy in the surprises that can happen out of no where.

i am 19/m/usa
heavy game junkie
was recently referred but cant really remember her screen name right now.
am going through something right now that is sorta stressing me a little. i really like what i see here it looks like a place that i can truly fit in at. this is the first time that i have felt this in a long time and i wanted to thank everyone for that.
Welcome to the site. There are a lot of good people here that can help you with things around the site if you need it.

Sorry to hear your stressed, man. If you need to talk, the cbox is a great place to talk and meet people. There is also a newly added counseling section in the cbox and a RANT thread, all good choices for letting it out.
Welcome, saw your post in ultimate warrior and though I'd Say hi here too. I'm Vay, anarchist, threat rating: minor irritation, i expect the staff to be here soon to give you a proper welcome, Drop by the CBOX if you get the chance.
You forgot my screen name? But I told you what it was~ D:<
Maybe I should change it to one you're already familiar with? >:P

Yes, that's right, Iwaku. I've brought you fresh meat. As for you, Ostara, there are a lot of really talented role players here. I'm sure some of them would be willing to take you under their wing. ^^ I hope you like it here!
Why just settle to be taken under one's wing when you can ENLIST in the Independent State Army!

Make something of yourself. Get GOLD, OPPORTUNITY, and ADVENTURE!

Be a MAN among MEN... Join ISAF today!
i only have one question as to the ISAF does it cost me a monthly bill and does it require downloading?? sunshine i must have misread you im when you gave me the link. sorry bout that will try a little harder to read the screen next time. and im not sure i like army stuff.......JK im and army brat so i grew up with it and have my own uniform from the ROTC for the airforce so i know my military stuff. since i know have access to a desktop almost constantly i will be able to be really active here which makes me really happy to. so i hope to be in more threads soon..
No downloading, just talk to a recruiter and we'll see where we can use you.

Remember, it's not just a job, it's an adventure!

But aye, welcome to Iwaku. Enjoy your stay.
Hello and welcome to the forums if you have any questions just ask and we can help.

*walks off into the shadows*
HELLO THERE FELLOW GAME JUNKIE! I'm TNT, nice to meet you. My current game addiction is Monster Hunter Tri. I'm also a DnD addict.
im a huge DnD guy myself i am also a WoW junkie, halo, modern warfare 2, any first person shooter games and i play. so yea im still gettting used to online RPing. i started on a small board and am now looking to get to the bigger ones.
Yay! DnD and MW2! Do you play on Steam or XBox?
i used to play on steam and am trying to get back on to it but cant find my fav game from it anymore. and i do play on xbox live
I play on Steam, since I don't have an XBox...or Playstation...But I do have a Wii!
cool cool.... still trying to get one of those but right now i am trying to plan a wedding all that so i dont have the luxary of being able to get one
Oh dear...a wedding eh?

Crazy stress is what I hear.

How's it going?

Welcome to iwaku by the by.
its going pretty good just wish it wasnt as stress full as this though
sis where the heck did you get sis from?????