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  1. Lyra wash each tomato slowly then stare at the lettuce, “Uh.. how do I wash that?”
  2. "A little different." Astaroth used his telekinesis to set up a cutting board and knife.
  3. Lyra plays around with the knife, “It does feel too light.” Lyra sulk slightly.
  4. Sakamoto
    I didn't notice her blushing..although I did notice her moving as she cleared her throat. She then poked my forehead again and I raised an eyebrow at her. I smiled at her as she said she thought of me as a good kid although I have been called a trouble maker by my mom, teacher, and friends.
    "Thanks..." I say and chuckled," Yeah i need to work on my powers if I am going to get any better."

    (what do you think?)( And yeeeeahhh sure..gets better...>.>)(lol jk =P)
    I follow behind him as we held hands...I thought this was nice. He leads me back to the mess hall and I sit next to him. It is quiet now and I try to think of what to say to lighten the mood. I didn't want our interactions to become awards after just becoming a couple.
    "U-um..so how are you feeling now? I know before you were very tired and had a headache." I say looking at him

    I keep running and am able to outrun him in a while. I stopped looking back at him as I slowed down so he could keep up.
    "You ok? Are you still sick from using your power?" I asked worried tilting my head.
    Why did this boy worry me so much, I think then sighed

    "yeah...the kids paperwork is all gone. Which is bad although so far they didn't take anything else." I then say looking down and helping with putting the stuff back. I watched as she seemed as freaked out as I was
    "Alright Ill get on closing the windows and door putting the house on lockdown. You can call Scott." I then say with a sigh.
  5. Melody continue to bite his finger playfully.
  6. i only have one question as to the ISAF does it cost me a monthly bill and does it require downloading?? sunshine i must have misread you im when you gave me the link. sorry bout that will try a little harder to read the screen next time. and im not sure i like army stuff.......JK im and army brat so i grew up with it and have my own uniform from the ROTC for the airforce so i know my military stuff. since i know have access to a desktop almost constantly i will be able to be really active here which makes me really happy to. so i hope to be in more threads soon..
  7. No downloading, just talk to a recruiter and we'll see where we can use you.

    Remember, it's not just a job, it's an adventure!
  8. okay ill see what i can do to join...

    But aye, welcome to Iwaku. Enjoy your stay.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums if you have any questions just ask and we can help.

    *walks off into the shadows*
  11. HELLO THERE FELLOW GAME JUNKIE! I'm TNT, nice to meet you. My current game addiction is Monster Hunter Tri. I'm also a DnD addict.
  12. im a huge DnD guy myself i am also a WoW junkie, halo, modern warfare 2, any first person shooter games and i play. so yea im still gettting used to online RPing. i started on a small board and am now looking to get to the bigger ones.
  13. Yay! DnD and MW2! Do you play on Steam or XBox?
  14. i used to play on steam and am trying to get back on to it but cant find my fav game from it anymore. and i do play on xbox live
  15. I play on Steam, since I don't have an XBox...or Playstation...But I do have a Wii!
  16. cool cool.... still trying to get one of those but right now i am trying to plan a wedding all that so i dont have the luxary of being able to get one
  17. Oh dear...a wedding eh?

    Crazy stress is what I hear.

    How's it going?

    Welcome to iwaku by the by.
  18. its going pretty good just wish it wasnt as stress full as this though
  19. Sup sis :D
  20. sis where the heck did you get sis from?????