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Hi guys! Cool to be here!
I've chose to join this site because I am a write(and I usually only role-play for practise for English class and group projects and stuff). My dream is to be a teacher (because I like school environment...although I'll have to practise people skills because I can get frustrated at my peers quite easy and the last thing I want to be is a strict teacher). I really like writing, and my passion is slice of life. I am on a different site as well. I am ambedexrous (which is extremely helpful when I play rounders because I can bat with both hands and confuse the other team). And final fun fact about me is I am a member of the Percy Jackson Fandom (but I'm sorry guys, I forever will ship Percy and Nico, not Percebeth. Simply because Nico is my favourite character). So, there's some random stuff about me.
Not open for further replies.