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  1. Hey there! My name is Waywardsons, but you can call me just about anything you want. I am an avid role player and tend to spend much of my day doing so. I have been role playing for going on six years now, since I was twelve! At eighteen I am much more open to new subjects than I was back then.

    I am open, friendly, and don't really like to argue. I like to plan something's out, but also like to snowball it when I can. I am going to be a senior in high school, but currently on summer vacation so school work won't affect me for another three months. I have social anxiety and will disappear if someone tries to start an argument with me, because I really can't handle it.

    I use a kindle fire ninety percent of the time because I like to be Mobil and it gives me a chance at quick responses. But also because of this there could be autocorrect problems, but I try to catch them when I can. I live in the central US (CST) and up from 8am to 9pm+. I am genderfluid, meaning that although my anatomy says female, my thoughts and feelings say male sometimes. So please, please, please, just use male pronouns because that is what I feel like most of the time.

    I am completely open to Skype. I have met many of my friends online and like to face time sometimes for hours to get to know them. So if you ever want to do that, just ask, well unless I haven't talked to you first lol.

    I hope that I can make myself a avid part of this community and hope to enjoy the fun that comes with role playing here :)
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  2. Welcome to the forum! I hope you have lots of adventures here :D
  3. Welcome to the family, Wayward!! Happy to have you :)

    Hope you have a great time and tons of fun playing!
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