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  1. Hi, my name is Laurel but I also go by Klassy or Kass. I've been looking for a good roleplay site to join and was recommended to join this community by my sister.

    I am a girl. Have been for at least 18 or so years.

    I have been doing role-plays for a long time, mostly on email. The only times I have done role-plays with multiple people were in Neopets (yes yes kiddish I know :P) though I'd love to play with multiple people. The more the merrier, right?

    Um…this is all I can really think to say. I tend to be shy at first and I appreciate a talkative partner since they can fill in the conversational gaps. However, after I become comfortable with a topic or a person I can be very outgoing and I try to please those I interact with.
    I'm open to criticism and would appreciate it if someone would tell me if something I'm doing needs to be changed.

    I'm glad to be able to join a place where I have the chance to meet other people with the same interests and I look forward to the best!
  2. Howdy Miss Kass! :D Welcome to the community! I'm sure you'll find lots of fun roleplays to get in to. <3
  3. So, what is roleplay over email like, Klassy? I'm curious. Oh, and welcome to the forum.

    Welcome to Iwaku where we can be weird together!


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  5. @Kijin Selja

    The experience depends on the person who you play with. Generally I've had many positive experiences. It can be tedious since you have to match you and your partner's schedules and take a while to build the story. A good partner that matches your needs is a necessity since roleplaying over email is usually planned to last a long time.
  6. I see. Sounds like something I could get into, at the very least.
  7. ((Didn't know about the quoting, whoops))

    It's very fun! A good place to find people would be on tumblr as there are specific blogs for certain fandoms that cater to their subject. Another place would be rp-me on live journal. Personally I liked rp-me best but to post you need to make a live journal account if you don't already have one.