Hi to all!

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  1. HI! I am Atagan. I'm 22yrs old guy who loves RP. I came here because there is almost none of similar websites/forums in my languge and even the few there are are dying.
    I have been doing Game-Master for over a 7 years now. I've been learning game mechanics, inventing my own systems and enjoying the games since then.

    What more, I am an artist who loves to draw traditionally and digitally also. I have been creating a lot of imaginary worlds, maps, races, weapons and other amazing RP stuff. Therefore I would like to do the same in here - so if you have something on mind - don't be shy and send me a message ;)

    What more - I hope I find some amazing poeple here and enjoy the game as much as possible.

    See you all in game :)
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  2. Welcome Atagan and my I know what's your native language? (just wondering)
    anyway welcome once again~!
  3. I'm from Slovakia - so slovak it is. I must have forgot to write it.
    Thanks for welcoming.
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  4. No prob~! if you have any trouble feel free to ask~ ^-^
  5. Sure'll do :) Thanks again !
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  6. Hallo Atagan, welcome to the siiiiite!
  7. Thank you! :)
  8. Welcome to Iwaku~
    *waves* hehe