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Hiya. I'm AngelicAsylum. I do stuff.
Hi person that does stuff! :D I like to do stuff too! My favorite kind of stuff is stuffing!
They're multiplying...

Bossman, can I cull the herd?

Nice to meet you too, FCCM 1 and 2.
I think that is the very first time I seen Ryker's name abrreviated. Looks like some initials to a charity originization. Anywho, the name's Piro, or Pirogeth for long. I'm always browsing through the boards looking for stuff to put in the Newsletter and playing in RP's. From what I can tell you've been here before (most likely proboards' verson.) so I hope you enjoy it again.

Writing in the Moonlight,

Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help you.

*The wolf Ike walks off into the darkness and leaving AngelicAsylum confused*

MY GAWD! All the rats have escaped from the sewers! The virus is arriving!

*puts on a gasmask and sets up booby-traps*

Welcome back!
You misunderstand. The green is Scavenger.

Be glad he didn't try and recruit you...

Blue, is me. Carl. Welcome and please don't do anything to get caught in my crosshairs.
*WMD drops in, bombing Piro as he does so*

I haven't actually been here before. I've been recruited by Inane Nihilist.
Pierrot: Thanks!
Ike: Thanks! Need a flashlight?
Necella: OH NO YOU DIDN'T!
Veslerud: It's okay, I don't hang around sewers. XD
FCCM: Right... Don't worry, I don't think I'll be spending much time around you and your... friends.
Warmaster: My hair today. =P
Welcome to Iwaku! If you don't already know be wary of the Cbox it is where all the crazies hang out and they rather do enjoy crazy talk. Enjoy your time here!
You've met Mac and his many personalities already, so all I'll say is to be careful; they bite. And fire artillery at you, too.

I'mma Grumpy, resident CBox lunatic, drunken Scottish individual and timewaster. Need anything, I'm probably not the best person to ask, but the staff are good at helping out.

Enjoy your stay, and please don't feed the goddamn Paorou; he bites.

-slips a firecracker down McCarthys pants-
Don't worry, I'm not afraid of biting personalities, weapons firing at me, or anything "crazy" you may have to throw at me. Pot calling kettle black and what have you.
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*Cor explodes.*

I'm sorry, were you standing on pile of SEMTEX?
Fel walks in with a monocle on.

"Yes, indeed, I do believe Cor was, old bean"

Fel walks out.

...er, welcome new person!