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  1. HI my name is Kenzy, i'm 17 until july 27th, my favorite role plays involve magic and kidnapping and betrayal. i have been role playig for 5 years and found this site so i decided to make a profile. Someone talk to me! can't wait to see the way this particular site works.
  2. Welcome Kenzy! Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'd gladly talk to you! ^^
    And if you need anything or anyhelp..Please don't hesitate to aks someone! We'll gladly help out!
  3. Hi fives for kidnapping! 8D I know as "that girl who gets kidnapped" in rps cause it happens every time... I don't even plan it that way! >>;;

    Welcome to the community. >:3
  4. Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
    I'm super glad you decided to make a profile!
  5. Hallo Kenzyyyyyyyyyy............!
    And Wellllcome to Iwakuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    I love, LOVE kidnappings as well!
    Either kidnapping or being kidnapped.
    ...In Rp's, I mean.

    Here, have a cookie!
    And see you around!

  6. Hello, Kenzy! Welcome to Iwaku. I am sure you'll find cool roleplays to play in soon!


    If you need advice roleplaying, finding stuff, etc., the best things to do is ask a member or STAFF member and/or go through our beginner forums <3
  8. ^ Your signature picture scares me Soppy! :D

    KUDDLES. That is what I shall call you -nod nod-

    Hi! My name is Mitten and I like cats. That is the first and most important thing you must know about me -nod nod-

    I am soooo happy you decided to join Iwaku! It is a super great place and the people here are awesome! ^^ I think you will be able to start RPing really soon! If you need any help or advice, you can ask any member! Staff members are in Blue and Admins are in Red! :D