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  1. Hello all! I'm Yami. : ) I'm new to this site. I've been rping gaiaonline and with friends for years. I'm not a pro I'm still learning. ^_^'' I'm completely lost on the logistics of this site ^_^''' please help.

    I look forward to rping : )

    Douzo yoroshiku! (>,<) b
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Yami.

    Hope you find some good rps to join and if you have any questions just ask!
  3. Hey thx : ) nice to meet you! ( >. < )b

    I do have a question! What are the steps you have to go through to post an rp on this site? (like as far as coding and OOC forums, Character profile, etc)

    please and thank you : )
  4. Post an rp idea, wait for people to join, then PLAY! We are turbo laid back here, bringing the fun back to RP in a major way.

    I could explain it more thoroughly but this guide is pretty much the most awesome thing in the world. CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING HERE
  5. Sweets!!! : ) Thanks Lots!! : )
  6. Hello and welcome! :D I'm Mittens! It's wonderful to see you here on Iwaku! ^^

    Octo is right! Everyone here is super wonderful and will help you with whatever you need help with! Except maybe burying a body...

    If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me! I'd love to help you out anyway I can! ^^
  7. Thanks Mittens!! Nice to meet you : ) * o * So cute!!!

    No burying dead bodies. *nods* Understood! XD

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  8. I used to be in gaiaonline too! I just joined here yesterday so right now, I'm no help. Even so, welcome!
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  9. Thx : ) Welcome too : )

  10. Thank you! :3 Enjoy your stay!
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  11. You have fun!! : ) And Wuv the minions * o *
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  12. Minions are the shizz. :D
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  13. XD Law!