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  1. Helllllo qwq. I'm new to Iwaku. I'm not going to lie, a bit nervous. Don't usually do these sorts of things because I'm an awkward turtle but hey, this seems like an actually great website to make friends and stuff.
    So a lot of the things I've read suggest like...writing about yourself here?

    Well I am a senior in highschool, literally just starting my final year. I love to draw, and often spend a good percentage of my time drawing and if I am not drawing, I'm probably roleplaying, playing a video game of one sort or another. I tend to be pretty friendly - I'm a happy little individual who likes to doodle silly things and show my friends cat videos because yes I am that loser. I treat my characters like they're my babies, but never get offended if people don't like them, some people are simply just don't like certain characters and that's okay! I also love music and listen to a fairly wide variety.... Yep. not sure. I'm more awkward about myself then I am about my characters or drawing. Jebus Crust DB.

    Rping? I love love loooove original Rps - like, with ideas we come up with together in worlds we discover together through each other. I love to hear about other peoples characters and stories and ideas. I don't know, it just fascinates me to listen and to share my own experiences. I don't know, just something I love. In the way of RPing? I prefer to know the people before I RP? Or at least be able to fully communicate with the person - not to say we have to be best friends or anything but I like to be able to talk to those whom I RP with it. I'm also definitely open to AU worlds and fandoms.

    I guess I could also introduce my babies to you QAQ. My little boo's I use for RPing<3
    [​IMG]Alastor, my baby number one<3 He's my lil jesterboy. He's one of my prides and joy. Worked on him for heckova long time, and he's still got a long ways to go. This art was, yes, done by me. And it's a WIP cause I never finish anything. Yeah he's my trickster babe.

    [​IMG]Dis is my other babe, Psyn. Chinese Dragon, but with a human form. He's also a thief and kind of a sarcastic jerk. Crouching asshole hidden dork I think best describes him. He's silly, funny, then he can be literal as heck. But yeah. That's my second babe.

    I have like a button of other characters and a variety of others but I ain't even gunna remotely touch any of them here cause that's just gunna get to be waaaaaaaaay to much.

    ;w; Let\s start here and go from this~
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Nice Intro.
  3. Hi there Kurai! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome to your new twisted family! >:3 <3!
  5. Welcome to the Madness xD. Enjoy your stay here and be part of many interesting and twisted stories ^^