Hi i'm Doll

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  1. i'm new here, and just thought i'd say hi.

    i'm an altaholic, an artist, and a gamer. i like a lot of things, and i'm actually pretty spaced out right now....i have no idea why....um...well let me focus lol.

    so i'm uh, do a lot of rp :3, i play a range of characters from dark to extremely happy and light. hmm, i think i'll add more when i'm not so distracted.

    i think i'll get some cookies
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  2. *goes back to playing mabinogi*
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  3. What's an altaholic?
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Doll! Let us know if you have any questions.
  5. hello :3

    and altaholic is someone who hmm...well, it's someone who can't stop making characters, even when there's really no need to make one. It just comes and you feel like you have to make him or her, maybe you were writing about something completely opposite of this new character, but you have to strop to write him or her out. you think "it's okay, it's only one character" but it's only the start, soon you'll just have more and more and more.

    thanks, i don't think i have any right now, but if i do i'll let you know :3