hi i'm daisy

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  1. (disclaimer: my name is not daisy!)

    hi, I'm lambda! I haven't done this role-playing thing in ages, though it used to be one of my favourite past times in ye olde literaryxkisses days
    now I just spend all my time playing league of legends and napping at inappropriate times

    I'm 21 and live in Canada, and I'm studying to be a veterinary technician. usually i type like this but i'm trying to make a good impression, so here goes all of my proper capitalization. I still sleep with stuffed animals and I am a Cat Person. I mentioned I play LoL, but I also love Guild Wars, the Persona series (pls role-play this with me I will love you forever), Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, Torchlight, Minecraft... an endless list of things. I like mango juice, mythology, and really bad jokes. I also love boots. I want every pair of boots. Boots for everyone, for every occasion.

    I'm pretty bad at introductions but thought I'd say hi. I'm really friendly but really quite shy, and I'm also very spacey. ( ´∀`) nice to meet you all! let's be friends!
  2. xD Welcome to Iwaku!

    I LOVE BOOTS! One day I will have hallways filled with boots...omg they're so sexy. /drools. Anywhos, I wanted to be a vet when I was younger but than I realized the sight of blood makes me incredibly nervous and so I gave that up rather fast, lol. Kudos to you for helping out our four legged friends. I love cats but I'm allergic to them, ;~; so I've got doggies :3. ANYWHOS, I'm sure you'll be awesome as there are a lot of LoL fans in these parts. Somewhere. <_<;; /beats them back with sticks.

    Happy writing!
  3. I recently splurged on a pretty pricey laptop, so I can't really afford to go shopping for boots right now... but I still browse websites going 'I want this pair and also this one
    I want all of these boots'

    thanks for the welcome! I went through a lot of career options in my head and decided this was just the best one for me. It doesn't pay as well, but at least there are lots of jobs here, and I'll actually be happy doing what I'm doing D:

  4. XD LOL I do that too! I make wishlists...<_<;; >_>;;

    And they're usually in chat or you can prolly make a thread in the General forum about it, :).