Hi! I'm Cyncial, and I'm new here.

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  1. Ok. Hi there! Like I said I'm Cynical.
    This is first time ever looking for a roleplay off of the site neopets. Sad, eh? I've been roleplaying for a hand full of years now, so I thought it was a good time for a change.
    I like this site so far, I hope to meet some good roleplayers!
  2. Welcome. Roleplayers are not in short here, welcome to the forms and truly hope you enjoy your time on here.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm October nice to meet you.

    That's where I started too! I used to be so obsessed with it..until I came here! Iwaku is full of people who are amazing roleplayers! If you ever want to, I'll be willing to roleplay with you! I'm always looking for something new.

    Welcome to Iwaku!

  5. Thanks for being so kind everyone! I'm really liking it here, it's nice not to have to worry about being booted for liking gore fueled roleplays, among others. Haha.
    You guys make me feel welcome here, since I was nervous when I signed up. 8D; Thanks again~

    I got a warning once for roleplaying as a friendly biscuit on an adventure.


    ...I think they knew I was trying to be a facetious asshole. ._____.;;

    Welcome to Iwaku! 8D
  7. "Another Neopets fan? Awesome. I've played Neopets for most of my little girl life and I have to say its what made me into the fantasy animal loving human being I am today. I'm also interested in Sonic the hedgehog, Pokemon, and the old fashion Yu-gi-Oh because of it.

    "I think you'll just love it here. I like it already- so many friendly and active people. Makes your heart jus' squiggle with glee!
    "Hope to see you around!"
  8. Most the roleplayers I know started on Neopets, it seems to be the common 'foot in the door', so to speak.
  9. So to speak indeed. *kicks the bones of his no doubt dead pets under the bed*. Welcome to Iwaku.
  10. Alright, I'm super late to this, but I just wanted my chance to say WELCOME!
    Also, Neopets. Now come on, how could I resist replying to this forum?
    I grew up on that website! It was the besssst -u- Though I unfortunately forgot my password
    one day.. I thought I had named it after my hamster, S'more. Apparently not.
    Right, anywho! I'm actually new to this site myself- just joined three days ago ^^ So I
    figured I'd come on in and introduce myself. Name's Neon, and it's a pleasure to meet you~!

    Hope you find all you're looking for on this site <3
  11. You guys are so sweet I love you all. <3
    I had some many neopets accounts it's crazy, I always got frozen. It was only last week I finely gave up.

    And don't worry about hiding those 'pets', I've seen much worse. 8)
  12. Glad to see a new face around this site! Hope your settling in alright!?
  13. I'm settling in just fine.

    No roleplays yet. D: SADFACE. But it shall all come in time. :P