Hi, hello, hi

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  1. Greetings from rainy, dreary, utterly boring The Netherlands.
    I am Rob and I am completely whack. Mmm, yes. Fear me, for I have cookies. Dark side cookies.

    Anyway, I'll be in your care <3 (thou not much on-line due to work ;_;)

    (and yes, I know this is a "dude, wut?" kind of intro post, but I just felt like it. If you have questions, do ask ^^)
  2. Hi Rob.


    set your avatar and ct the blankness is annoying me
  3. What if I like that complete blankness? You have no control over me here, Vansalon D:< (please don't kick me from skype D:)
  4. At least make your avatar a 1x1 pixel or something so I don't have to stare at a question mark for half of runestar lol
  5. Welcome, Robbel :) I'm sure you'll find this place nice~ Enjoy your stay ^ ^
  6. Salutations, Rob! >:3 Welcome aboard.
  7. ohman, Mad Santa is coming to town again! Lock up yer sanity!

    Hey there, Rob! -lwаqs