Hi guys ^_^

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  1. Name's Blight, 23 year old student :) I'm supposed to say something about me? Hmm lets see... I guess I'm what you'd call a lone wolf, but not because I wanted it... I sort of failed to find people who share my hobbies and interests, which include anime, manga, video games, emo subculture, cosplay etc. Despite my athletic look I'm a very childish individual (my inner child is my outer self xD). What makes me happy in life is when I can make the few friends I have smile :))) For me happiness really is in the small things in life. So if you wanna get to know me better, just ask :)
  2. Hello, welcome to Iwaku. A place full of excitement and unusual fun. You seem like you'll fit in just fine here.

    ~ With love Eternal
  3. Thank you ^^ This place seems very interesting, can't wait for my story to unfold...
  4. ~Insert proper greeting that I am unfortunately to lazy to provide at this moment due to my unusually cruel nature~ :3
  5. Ignore those two... those arent proper greetings XD

    Hi there and welcome to Iwaku!
    We have much in store for you, the community loves getting new members. Were here with open arms.
    If you have any questions you can contact Staff or the Rules and guides.
    My name is Ms. Wrong and im just a lil ol' member here saying Ello~
    If you want, come to the chatbox and meet some of the cool ass members here at Iwaku, im sure to meet you there!
    Have a great time here at Iwaku, hope you'll find it like home. ^^

    Oh btw... Here a cake to welcome you "home."
  6. Hello and welcome. I hope to see a cornucopia of creative works from you, your chalice overunneth with much inspiration!
  7. Hello and welcome! Hope you love the site and community! I'm waaay to lazy to what W did, but anyways welcome to the site hope to see you around.
  8. Thanks guys :) I feel welcome already ^^