Hi...guess what? I'm new....

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  1. Because I am lazy and it is midnight currently, I have decided to introduce myself using the handy questions provided. When role playing I am used to being called either Ray/Rey or Zero. My gender doesn't really matter currently, I might say later on. I am 1000+ year old time lord. I role played a few years back but that all changed when the fire nation attacked (yes, that was two references in a row). About 5 people directly interacting with me is my limit, as long as things don't get boring I will role play longer when it is with one person. I like to stand in the rain for a bit then go inside and M.I.A. by Avenged Sevenfold is stuck in my head.
    As a reward for reading my noob post, here is a fish.

    (•.• >){
  2. Hi there Zero! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. As a reward for writing said noob post, I bestow upon you a cookie :D

    I'm fairly new as well but only to Iwaku. Roleplaying has been a hobby of mine for years.

    (Also, I chuckled at your fire nation reference)

    Have a wonderful evening and I wish you good luck on your roleplaying endeavors!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I bestow upon you, and totally NOT copying the post above, a cookie! :D FEAST UPON ITS CRUMBLY GOODNESS!
    As I am currently brain dead for not sleeping for two days, I shall leave you with an invisible hug, which I am now awkwardly pressing myself into my screen as you read this, because I am fancy, and fancy people know EXACTLY when you look at their messages.