HI! *giggles* I'm Liz!!!

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Hi! I'm Liz- Im new... Um... This is my second RP site, and I like RPing, so I joined this one!! :):downcat:
Hi there, Liz!
I'm Iliana and welcome to Iwaku! If role playing is your muse than you've fell on your face in the right spot! >:D
Have fun meeting all of the members and getting shoved into rp's! ;D
Vay here, Admin and rper here on iwaku, good to have you aboard, I'm sure you'll find plenty of good partners and rps here as I have over the years.

Remember to read the wiki, its full of guides and templates and you can ever read about the staff in there including a guide for applying to join.

Have fun and remember, those with the freaky coloured names are your friends....
Welcome Liz! I am Batman one of the admins of the forum; though, I am Vay's bossu.

Also, I like your current avvie. Very cute~
Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Liz.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you~
Have a look around - we're a kickass roleplay site.
If you need any help, please feel free to ask.
Hello Liz!
Welcome to the Iwaku, where everyone's muses are like monsters trying to win the next spots in a scare factor!

I'm Loveless, one of the staffies of the site,
and it is a pleasure to be meeting you thar. :D

Filling out the Roleplayer's Resume on your profile will be a great start here! It will let people know what you're interested in,
if you are available for Rps...etc!

In other words,
Get yourself comfy, make this your home,
and go jump into some rps, make some friends, have fun, and let your muse run wild!
*bursts through a serise of doors with a sheet of papper*
Hello hello! *Looks at the pappers*
<-------*gets that reaction*
my name is.....well, that guy named ed :p
Hi Liz! :D Welcome to the Community!
You look like a classy lady,
based off of the avatar.~
here is some glass.-
-hands a glass plate.
Glass is classy..?
So is grass.
-Also offers blades.-