Hi, Everyone!

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  1. Vaewolf, or Vae, here! I've been role-playing on and off for a while now. My old website became shit so I decided to come here with the help of top RP sites! I love playing vampires and werewolves; my favorite are vampires. I was never that great of a GM back then but it looks like there's a section for a two person roleplay here. I look forward to seeing you guys later on!
  2. -Kiss the top of your hand gently-
    Hello Vae, welcome to Iwaku I fully hope you enjoy your time here.
    Meet new friends, and have amazing writing time.
  3. Ever the woo-er, eh? @Akatsuki Kojou
    You haven't changed... Much... Welcome wise...

    Welcome to Iwaku, Vaewolf! Enjoy your stay and happy roleplaying!
  4. Who, what, where? Haha
  5. Thank you guys! I appreciate the formalities and hope to see you both around sometime!
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  6. I as well ​
  7. Welcome!

    It seems like you'll enjoy it here!
  8. Welcome, Vae! :D Trust me, there are some awesome vampire and two person roleplays here, as well as others~.
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  9. Welcome to Iwaku!!

    We have a huge 1x1 section for role-plays of all kind. Reach out with what you want, and odds are, you'll find the perfect match for someone that wants to RP it with you. <3

    Hope you enjoy your stay!
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