hi everyone...

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  1. Well, real life is strangling me by the throat again, except this time I'm actually seeing some good results. I'll pop in whenever I can.

    Whenever the CBox gets back up, you'll see me around there more than anywhere else on the site. Not that I'll be on that often anyways.

    For those of you with Windows Live, you can message me there, though I'll probably be set to offline even if I'm on. I'll get back to you (eventually). BTW, don't give my MSN to Isabella or I WILL create a new hotmail account to get away from it. IT. Not he/she...IT.

  2. Welcome back you gender ambiguous but lovable person!

    Mentioning isabella was probably not a good Idea XD
  3. Hi yah I remember you welcome back.

    Yah got any other questions just ask we *cough* I *cough* can hel you out.

    *Walks off into ever lasting shadows*
  4. <--Is sad that only two people noticed

  5. Welcome back Celcius! :D
  7. Yay more people!!1

    *jumps on tuxy and glomps trance*

  8. *Snuggles the shit out of Celly*