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  1. I've migrated from a forum that is closing, though I was a very recent member there. (And I've decided to go with a different handle here.) Anyway...


    I've been RPing for around eighteen years - got my start in the AOL chatrooms back in the day. I'm also a fan of Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 and 4e.) Been playing that for nearly twelve years. Even though I've RPed a while, I still find myself awkward and hesitant to just join in...so it might take me a while to get comfy. I was just starting to get comfortable at the other site. :(

    I enjoy most types of RPs, though I am generally drawn to the ever popular fantasy and supernatural settings. I like using and developing fleshed out characters, ones with flaws...ones that aren't all sunshine and butterflies. I also can play the villain, which is always fun. For some reason, I play more male characters than female.

    I like to ramble, too...hm, I work a lot so if you RP with me, I'll be the person that responds a few times a week rather than a few times a day. RP is my stress relief and I'm not going to get stressed out about it, you know? So hopefully I'll be able to find some like-minded, patient folks to RP with.

    Thanks. :)
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  2. Welcome to the site, Citi-Erm, may I just call you Tez? I'ma call you Tez. Welcome to the site, Tez! Take your time settling in. I think a lot of people are that way at first, but you'll see that Iwaku is full of rainbows and cookies!

    And that is what resumes are for, to show others your preference when it comes to role-playing. That includes posting speed. You'll most likely find others who prefer posting few times a week, such as myself, so you aren't alone there.

    To fill-out your resume, hover over your name at the top right. Once you see the drop-down menu, click preferences, then you'll be good to go! :)
  3. Yup, you can call me Tez. Thank you. :) I just fiddled with my RP resume and then I browsed some of the RP sections. Lots to do, lots to see. It's almost overwhelming but I'm sure in time, I'll be fine.

    I used to be able to crank out posts several times a day. But having to earn a paycheck kind of cut into my RP time. That and sometimes I'll post several paragraphs and that takes a while to compose. Mostly because I'm awkward and constantly rewrite. -___-

    Thanks for greeting me.
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  4. Damn society, always cutting into hobby time with obligations. But if you constantly re-write then that just means the post will be of good quality, no? Well, anyways, I hope you settle in nicely and enjoy your stay! 8D
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  5. Yo, Tez, fellow lost migrant here. ;) We are of one mind, Iwaku has SO MUCH to offer.
  6. Expllo - right? Uugh, bills to pay, people to feed. Geez. What I wouldn't give to be in school again and have summers be obligation free.

    It does seem that way, Izurich. So many things. So many. Shiny buttons and rainbows. I was awarded a rainbow! It made me happier than it probably should have, honestly... It's the small things in life.

    Good luck!
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  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Tez! Totally calling you that too, it just has a nice ring to it. Get ready to receive a whole bunch more rainbows :P
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