Hi, Devil bunny Teur here.

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  1. Hello, I hope to have some good roleplays with everyone. Now, onwards to the questions.

    What nicknames do you like to be called?
    I like to be called Teur, or Kimmy. (although some call me Bunbun) Any is fine~

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?

    I'm female, turning 19 this November.

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay?

    I love fantasy elements, considering how my characters are quite strange, and also romance. I haven't done a single romance roleplay yet, though.

    What kind of characters do you usually play?

    Teur: One of my characters is a devil bunny. Her real form is hellfire, although she usually takes on the form of a humanoid bunny, with her only clothing being her fur pelt. She walks barefoot. The only attributes of being a bunny she retains are her floppy bunny ears, bunny tail and red eyes. She is crazy and unpredictable.

    Teur resembles me in some way, in some perspective. She is a very successful character that I can relate with. I love her every flaw and every strength. Deep down, she feels insecure and scared. But she doesn't show that to people she doesn't know well. She hides under a facade of hyperactivity and cheerfulness.

    Weapons: She uses needles wrought of her own flesh in battle, and her hair. Her hair can extend itself to over 20 meters long, and harden itself to be stronger than Mithril. They are used for ensnaring, and a numbing poison seeps from it. She can also engulf herself in black hell flames, which can reach temperatures rivaling the core of Earth.

    She also has hidden powers than shall only be used when all else fails, for they are incredibly taxing to the body.

    Weaknesses: Large amounts of saltwater, and holy water, along with a few other things that shall remain secret. A hint: Her hair stores her life force.

    Forms: Teur has three forms in all. They all have pros and cons, of course.

    Bunny form:
    Bunny form: This form is the weakest and takes the least energy. It is practically useless, for in this form, she resembles a normal bunny, in all statistics. The only good its for is to lure in prey with fake weakness. And extreme cuteness?

    Humanoid bunny form: This form is more suited for ranged fighting, for it's not quite as strong as her true form. It uses up less energy to maintain, though. In this form, she is more tactful, cautious and tries not to take hits. Her power is not as strong, though. This form is immune to water(as well as holy water), but perishes if beheaded or if heart is taken out.

    True form: In this form she is engulfed in black flames that is hard to put out. Large amounts of salt water can do the trick, though. Salt water will also weaken her fire and abilities tremendously at this point. Her attacks are unpredictable, fast and strong. This form brings out the beast in her, making her ravage the prey with brutal attacks until it dies.

    Kimblee: My other favorite character is Kimblee, who is a pureblood vampire that was quite unremarkable when he was young, and so was often looked down upon by his family. He enjoys pain to the point of it increasing his spirit in battle, with the aftereffect of a huge crash in adrenaline afterwards and slow healing.

    Weapons: He owns a black katana engraved with silver rune symbols. They runes have wind spells in them, and allows the user to fly and manipulate wind. Often, when he was bored, he would stab himself with it repeatedly.

    Weaknesses: Well, if one likes pain, one would not avoid attacks, so he is vulnerable to one hit kills. Also sunlight, of course.

    Would you prefer Space Kittens, Angry Marines, Sparkling Vampires or Wolf Packs?

    I prefer the crazy devil bunny pack. :3

    Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!

    Circle you circle you. I
    n an abandoned building forever in the shade,
    at the end of the lifeless corridor,
    is a room, inside which,
    some forsaken children dwell.

    We have been waiting forever
    for your arrival!
    We're so happy! We're so happy!
    Let's play nicely, shall we?

    Make a circle, make a circle,
    just so that you can't escape.
    Make a circle, make a circle,
    what game shall we play?
    During the night, before daybreak,
    we can become buddies!
    Kagome, Kagome,
    "Who stands behind you right now?"
    Loud enough? C:

    And also. Gunnolf: YOU SHALL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH UNDER MY BOOTS! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH Simply for having more replies than me. c:
  2. Boo i see you Teur. Now you have another view so maybe you'll catch up with me :P xD
  3. Oh, screw you. :p I shall get my revenge sooner or later! D:<
    And then Teur shall kick your ass in battle!
  4. -eyes the bunny-

    Hmmmm a bunny....i should captu- I mean great this bunny.

    Hello Bunny and welcome to Iwaku. *thinking*

    It is great to have you here and nice to see a new face. *plotting*

    I hope that you enjoy your stay here and have fun. *Gets an idea*

    If you need any help please ask us. ^^
  5. *pokes deh bunneh* Welcome to Iwaku... *pounces and catches then nuzzles* bunny bunny bunny bunny. <3
  6. -nuzzles back everyone- Thank you all. <3