Hi! Cassie here! Im new...

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  1. Hiya! I'm Cassie, I'm a bit new to Iwaku! Well this is awkward... some stuff about me... well I like roleplays based on:
    Medieval Times (occasionally)
    Well that's my top 5 for now...
    Well the smileys above tell ya stuff about me.
    I get freaked out easily, I play bass, I like the LOZ series of games, I have a twin personality, I LUV turtles, Toad is my favorite Mario character, LOZ luv, Death, Death, Retro gaming, I play Guitar a lot, and I like MCR and PTV

    I enjoy 1x1s, Groups, Private, and Random RPs

    Any other questions? Just post it below or PM me!
    Have an awesome day/night!
  2. Hello Cassie, I am Melancholy, but you can just call me Mel! ^^ I hope you have a nice stay here on Iwaku! Oh, and I love zombies! So if you ever want to RP or just want to talk, shoot me a PM. please don't literally shoot at me with a pm.
  3. Hiiiii Cassie! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome .. Welcome xD. Enjoy your stay here.

    If you think we are crazy people.. Well, don't! Nah.. We are normal.- just joking. We are actually Insane.

    The Madness will kidnap you when you less expect!:)
  5. I agree. Toad is a pretty kickass character.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.