Hi beautiful Iwaku community!

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  1. I came back to Iwaku after taking a break but I'm still pretty new to roleplaying!
    If anyone out there would like to do some 1x1 or as an interesting roleplay in mind, do not hesitate to pm me!

    If you're the curious type, please visit my thread here:

    In the thread, I describe a different type of roleplay (I somewhat made it up)... where you use die rolls to alter the story in ways that you wouldn't have thought of. It's quite simple! I'm looking for 1 or multiple players, so again hit me up if interested. Thank you and have a lovely iwaku experience!
  2. Well welcome back to Iwaku! tumblr_n0b23eT5oQ1tpbdojo1_500.gif
  3. Welcome back ^-^