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  1. I've been around the RPG scene for a few years now. I was looking for a new place to play that had some variety and found my way here! :smile:

    I have stuck mostly to fantasy and D & D style games but am open to trying some new stuff too! I pretty much stick to female characters and prefer storylines with a lot of good character development over a quick no-nonsense battle.

    I'm only online in the evenings and sporatic on the weekends so I'm looking for a relaxed storyline to be part of over a qucik chat.

    Still learning my way around the board but this would appear to be the place to start so...

  2. Hello Aislin! Welcome to Iwaku which is here...somewhere on the internet. O_O

    As with all new souls, I feel you should totally be awesome and check out our Creative Challenges forum which is where the awesome people go to write and create almost anything they want so long as it follows the challenge rules. All sorts of people create challenges and it's a cool way to get involved in the community aside from Roleplaying, =D. AND if you like art, then you should totally stop by and do this month's Art challenge! Yes, arting and roleplaying do go hand in hand at times! So I hope to see you around there, :3
  3. Hi Cosmos,

    Thanks for the welcome. I'll definately go take a look. Unfortunately I'm not much of an artist in the drawing sense but it doesn't keep me from trying. =D
  4. Hi there Aislin!

    Iwaku's a great place to be if you enjoy RPing. The community's great. D&D style games aren't as prevalent on our forums as our tabletop gamers would like but there are a few people who make campaigns and there are, I think, a few ones ongoing at the moment. Also, Fantasy is awesome ain't it?

    I'm not sure you'd prefer my kind of RP, but should you ever want a detailed high-fantasy RP, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do for you!

    I hope you enjoy your stay and, remember, avoid the rampaging rabid plot bunnies if you do not enjoy being a human sacrifice to the gots of roleplay. If you do, disregard the previous statement. :D
  5. Hi Aislin and welcome to Iwaku! So happy to see a fellow Kikyo fan! (or at least i'm assuming that is who your avatar pic is >.<)

    regardless, I'm always happy to see new faces around!! Hope to see some awesome plot bunnies from you!
  6. Thank you for the warm welcomes.

    @Malkuthe - I love detailed rp's. =D We will have to to chat sometime and see what good plots you have stirring. Feel free to hit me up first if you have something in mind.

    @ Esthalia - heh, actually a friend found the pic for me several years ago. It matched the appearance description of one of my characters that I'm still playing in an ongoing storyline. But thanks for letting me know who she is, now I will have to go take a looksee.

    I am looking forward to rp'ing with everyone.