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  1. Hey guys, newbie here. I'm Daryl, and I'm 19. I'm from Asia (sad) and it's my first time role playing! YAY.
    Please do help me improve?
    I also prefer 1 on 1 rp better, since it's kinda more chill and ..I just don't do well in groups. Heh.
  2. Hi Daryl!

    Ooh, it's always exciting to have a newbie! There are plenty of ways to get into the swing of things. Under the Content section in the Roleplay Institute, there are exercises and challenges that can polish up your skill and get you used to writing awesome stuff :D If you'd rather just jump in, there are tons of unfilled request threads for 1x1s right now. If you don't see an idea you like, feel free to post your own request thread and see if anybody else likes your idea! Also, don't be scared to try a group roleplay - you don't know if you like it until you try it!

    Don't hesitate to ask questions and enjoy your stay!

  3. Heyy

    Alright I'll get to that ASAP.
    Hahaha I'll give the group roleplay thing a try when I'm better heh.
    So I'll look for you to answer my questions then? HAHA and thank you for the welcome :)
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  4. I'm okay with answering questions!.. If I know the answer XD

    If I don't know, I'll get a Staffie for you :D
  5. HAHAHA my questions would probably be super easy for the likes of you XD

    Alrighty, sempai!
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  6. Welcome to the site, Sera! I've seen you around, and I thought I'd send you a message on your welcome thread. I'm sure as a fan of one on one roleplaying you'll find your perfect roleplaying partner here on Iwaku! Have a great time and if you have any questions, make sure to ask Iwaku's members, as we're all a very lovely bunch.
  7. Where did you see me? O.O HAHA I hope so, we'll see. Thank you! :)
  8. Welcome!

    Seems you've already got a lot of good info/advice (which is pretty normal here lol) I'm new here as well, so I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I'll definitely join in the welcome wagon!

    I'm sure you'll find some fun partners to onexone with!
  9. Hahaha thank you very much! At this point, I'm not sure to say XD
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