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  1. Right, this is where being an inherently quiet person gets troublesome! I never know what quite to say in these introductions.... That said, I suppose you all need a name for me. I'll be going by Iarrthoir for my time here, but for simplicity's sake Iarr works fine too.​

    I'm sorta new to Iwaku, sorta because I tend to stalk places before joining. Don't let that frighten you though! I'm generally a nice person and seldom bite. Let's see...what's next...Ah yes, writing level and style perhaps? In that regard I am I suppose considered an intermediary in level merely because I don't get to write often but have been told that I don't do half bad. My style tends to lean towards humorous more often then not, with seriousness scattered throughout. However, let's not get into my thought process/muse. It's twisted really.

    Hmm..more about me? Why not. I'm a 23 year old hotel and restaurant major student. I adore felines but also love my dogs too, of which I have 5 dogs and 2 cats at this time. My hobbies have seen a decline lately due to life being a general pain, but I find enjoyment in reading, baking, roleplaying, and playing with my animals.

    If you want to know more, you'll have to ask, and did I mention cheesecakes? No? Oh well. ​
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  2. Welcome to iwaku I hope you enjoy your time here ^.^
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  3. Welcome! I hope you find some good RPs to enjoy!
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