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  1. Heya there, everyone. Name's WarriorNick. I have been recently searching the internet for roleplay forums, and I managed to stumble upon this one. It looked pretty cool, so I didn't really hesitate to register. Warning ahead of time, I'm rather shy, so it might take time to get adjusted here.

    I do like to write fiction at times and I try to roleplay whenever I'm online. Breaking the ice isn't my strong suit, to be honest...

    Oh, right, I'll also fill out the 'about me' survey.

    What nicknames do you like to be called?
    Nick, or WN is fine--but you may call whatever you wish.

    Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
    I'm a boy, 22.

    What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
    Fantasy, Scifi, etc.

    What kind of characters do you usually play?
    Honestly, pokemon tend to be characters I play the most. However, I do have other kinds of OCs that I will RP with if needed.

    Would you prefer Space Kittens, Angry Marines, Sparkling Vampires or Wolf Packs?
    I'll have to say Wolf Packs.

    Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!

    I don't have a favorite song, honestly. I'm not that good of a singer either, honestly. ^^;

    I do hope I didn't miss anything.
  2. xD Welcome, Nick. It's a pleasure to have you! Most folks are shy but the ice is broken shortly after being here, so don't fret my dear. You didn't miss anything, =D! Pokemon...I use to watch it in the beginning now I have no idea what's going on. I don't really watch much anime nowadays. If you want to just RP, head for the JumpIn roleplays! No bios needed. :3
  3. Welcome bro! I believe I have seen two pokemon RPs going around ATM but I don't play alot of them because I started on a Pokemon only RP websight. (Don't ask me the websight, I forgot it...)