Hey :)

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  1. hi
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  2. You know... stuff like this can get you banned, newbie.
  3. General Greeting Thread?

    General Greeting Thread!

  4. Well hello thar.

    Also, I'm pretty sure you won't get banned just for saying "hi". That's only a problem if you're a spammer. However, we do have a place where you can introduce yourself. :3 New Arrivals and Departures is what it's called.
  5. Don't terrorize the new person, stuff like this dun get nobody banned! O___O

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  6. It wasn't originally just hi, I warned him and he changed it.

    Anyways welcome, Harvey. The link above in fluffy's is where you'd usually post a newcomer's post.
  7. Hey, Harvey! Welcome to the Iwaku community! :D
  8. OH I SEE!

    *Gives Harvey THE LOOK!* Be good!
  9. hi new guy im new too so pm me if ya wanna talk