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  1. Hey everone, |Reign| here and I would like to say I'm new to Iwaku. I hope with time I can grow to like this site, after all I am highly interested in it and am looking forward to the roleplay.
  2. My Respect and Honor

    Hey, Rei here and I would like to say my venerativeness has leaped out catching me off guard. I'm glad to be part of this site, shortly after signing up I couldn't help but travel around from one thread to the next looking over all the wonderful pieces of work everyone on here puts forth. I however am still feeling quite "newbish" thus still attempting to familiarize myself with the site in order to take part in most roleplay going on. Nevertheless I still love that which my eyes behold on here and am looking foreward to meeting a vast majority of you with the hopes of forging new friendships.
    ~ |Reign|
  3. Re: My Respect and Honor

    Uhh, what?
  4. Re: My Respect and Honor

    Sorry, that was a spam robot! It's gone now. :D

    ...Also, welcome to Iwaku! Where we, the wielders of the Muse fight the great fight again the evil dredges of the bots! <3 May your time here be great. >:3
  5. Re: My Respect and Honor

    Why thank you, it shall be a new adventure; I must say it truly has been quite some time since I RolePlayed on a site such as this.. Going to have to readapt myself to different attributes, something I look forward to greatly.
    ~ |Reign|
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Reign!

  7. Why thank you Athena :)
  8. Ahoy there Reign! I'm a newb too! We can be newbs together if ya like! Also, if you have any ideas for plots, need a character, or anything, let me know, I play a large assortment of characters, from villains to old maids, over an infinitely large category list. Don't be afraid to ask, or I'll find out, and hunt you down, and write my role plays on your forehead.

    Have a nice day :)
  9. Oh, hey there little brother look what I found ^.^
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