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  1. Hey everyone

    If you've been to Xat before then send me a message, cause you may know each other

    Ok so, I don't like people who think there better then "You" give the person a chance before judging them, because if you straight up judge me being a newbie, then were not gonna be friends and I won't care to listen to what you got to say.

    I like people who are really friendly and like to do all sorts of roleplays, no matter what your level of roleplay is.

    Alright, this is my last post and im not a NEWBIE on here.. I hope
  2. Hi there! I have merged all of your threads and posts, because spamming to get your post-count in IS a newbie thing to do and if you don't want people to judge you as one, it's a good idea not to be silly. ;)

    Also, welcome to Iwaku! 8D I know we're going to be great friends!
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  3. /judges!

    :p Welcome to Iwaku! GO AND ROLEPLAY! Nao! NAONAONAO! /breathes. ...Did I also say welcome? =D