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    Welcome to the forums. I take it you were dragged here my the resident Diana so I'll be gentle. I'm Vay and I'm you local unfriendly RP support modso questions should come my way via PM, IM, or ™. When you have time make Diana happy by filling out a ROLEPLAYERS' RESUME and almost all joinable rps have an OOC.

    While we are reduced to a temp cbox please don't be afaid to talk to and get to know all the members you don't already know. They'll only try to kill you.
  5. Itzlie
    (It's fine I understand)
    "Perhaps you should keep asking him about you? He seems to respond to this pretty well." He says and I bite my lip. I guess their was some sort of hope.
    "Alright...." I say and nod. I then looked over at my brother who just looked away.
    "Do you remember your family?" I asked him but he doesn't answer," Do you remember what happened to you?"
    He remains silent at these questions not saying anything. It got quiet as I wait for him to answer and looked at his face to see if their was any form of recognition. Their was none though.
    "Let me tell you. Your name is Ivan and I'm your sister. You disappeared when you were very young." I say to him. I see him grit his teeth.
    "We are twins...you seriously don't remember?" I say and he looks down," Whoever sent you-"
    "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" He wells at me cutting me off and I backed away. He now seemed very irritated.
    Yeah this wasn't working, I think and sighed.

    I see her reaction and she moved away from me. She seems visibly shocked and shaken by what I said. I try to go over and hold her to calm her down.
    "Maybe I should have just kept this to myself but that's what happened." I then say quietly wishing I hadn't seen that article.
    "So it really was you in the article.." I say. I could not imagine what she had went through as I still had both of my parents and I frown.
    "What do you mean she didn't treat you right?" I asked her. She had seemed so angry in the article I can only imagine what happened to her. I never would had guessed thought.

    (Surprised he didn't mention Carrie and Samuel again haha XD)
    (So far the only people he doesn't like are..Penny, Sakamotot, Carrie, and Samuel)

    "Jack really likes.." She says and I tilted my head as she stopped and seems to go silent. I wondered what she was going to say. She then says it's ok for me to take my call. I nod and answer the call.
    "Hey." I say calm..I mean there was no way he would know and this just might be a normal call.
    "Don't 'hey' me." He says," I know what you have been up to."
    "I don't know what you mean." I say innocently sitting in my chair.
    "Didn't we agree no hacking or anything while you are out their." He says this time yelling and I knew I was busted. I wondered how he knew.
    "God Alexander I sent you over their to try and be a normal kid and I see that you are going around hacking. I gave you rule for going and being able to take your things." He continued sounding very disappointed. I scratched the back of my head now feeling bad...I wondered if I should tell him that it was for a good cause and what happened here. I don't think he would listen to me right now as he seemed upset and was going off.

    He says he is fine and I go over snuggling up against him again. He was warm and I closed my eyes again listening to him.

    I smiled and nod. I then see him look at his phone..
    ""Er...do you mind if I take a moment to call her back? I have a feeling she might go into her crazy protective mother bear mode." He says
    "Oh..no it's fine." I say with a smile. Although I don't think I would be able to relate to my family being worried about me.
  6. Winnifred

    He holds me then and I am surprised I don’t flinch away from him. His touch is oddly comforting and I feel my shoulders slump down as I roughly rub the area around my eyes “Yes it was me. I am so ashamed I did that interview. I didn’t realize he was going to do a full out article, I thought he was going to turn the tip into the cops or something...find someway to get my aunt in trouble.” I move my hands from my face to my arms, where I rub roughly up and down “She...she didn’t treat me quite right. A lot people just said I was a snotty brat who didn’t like to do chores when I tried to bring things about her up but...I constantly did the work around the house. Even as a little kid. She dressed me like a slob and I didn’t eat much...” I bite my lip as I pat my stomach “That’s probably why I’m tiny now you know?” With a sigh I continue “When I realized the police didn’t take my claim seriously and that my aunts treatment was getting worse to the point where she would....” I don’t finish my statement and I lean my head against his chest “I left a while ago. My guardian...um...I call him Uncle Bobby...he’s been taking care of me for a while now. He’s really good to me, and he’s helped me cope with the fact that I’m an orphan.”


    I don’t bother to finish my statement for fear of Jack yelling at me again. I lean back as he begins to talk with his uncle and I can already tell that there may be something wrong. Hesitantly I get up from my chair and I place my hand on his shoulder before asking in a quiet voice “Everything okay Holmes?” I give his shoulder a squeeze and I kid you not, Jack squeals in my head. It’s so high pitched it almost hurts my ears.

    Give him that comfort Jackie. That’s it...now embrace him. Embrace the dreamboat.

    Jack you quit it.

    Admit it...you would like to wouldn’t you?




    I plead the fifth Jack. Now go screw off.

    Boy would I like...

    Shut up!
    I exclaim to him, rolling my eyes. I do love the sucker, I do. Even if he is gross and a pain in my neck.


    She snuggles up against me again and I hold her close, tangling my fingers gently in her hair as I read to her. I’m surprisingly at ease now, I don’t have any red on my face and my words come out smoothly. I finish the chapter and move onto the next


    I smile and I dial up my mother. It doesn’t take long for her to answer

    “Andy?” She calls out happily from the receiver, although I can hear her anxiety clouded through her voice. “Oh, hello my darling boy! Sweetie why didn’t you pick up the phone?”

    I feel my face become inflamed with how sweetly she tries to talk to me. I feel bad almost instantly. I don’t like it when the poor woman gets so worried about anything. When she worries, she worries badly.

    “Mother I apologize. Today has been busy and I have been speaking to a friend...”

    “Oh!” Her voice calls out, delighted “You have a friend? Oh how lovely! I know you don’t always like the company of others but I am so glad you are reaching out...”

    “Y-yeah...” I chuckle softly, clearly flustered “How’s it at the house? You and dad okay?”

    “Oh your father...” I can basically hear her smile from here “The dear went out to go get groceries while I am making some cookies for the two of us. I’m thinking we are going to have a movie night tonight.”

    “Don’t have too much fun.” I tease her and she sighs over the phone

    “We always have fun at the Hector house. You’ve just been missing out my dear boy. Tell your friend I said hello by the way...how’s the house? Has your...er...ability blossomed at all? I know you’ve been having a little trouble.”

    “It’s going better. Um, mom can I ask you something real quick?”

    “Shoot sport.”

    “Do you have an abnormality?” She pauses for a long second then sighs, explaining

    “Actually, yes I do. Um, it’s not to your extent though. Nothing as big as seeing people and being able to...did you say you could leave your body? That’s right. Sweetie I didn’t want to tell you this because I knew you wouldn’t believe me...you and that logical brain of yours could never really comprehend things like this...sweetie sometimes...well...” She takes another pause “Do you remember when you were little? And I could do all the voice impressions that you ever could ask me for? Do you remember how I would sing you to sleep, how I would sound decent...”

    “Mama?” I ask of her uncertainly, biting my lip.

    “I act as a conduit my dear. You know all the people you can see? That’s sort of a setback on my part, I can’t really see them unless they want to be seen. I just...act as a bridge of sorts. They can communicate through...”

    “Possession?” I inquire, not believing what I was hearing.

    “Yes.” She answers almost too quickly and sighs “See, now you understand why I never told you. It sounds odd, doesn’t it Andy?”

    “Nothing sounds weird to me anymore.” I mumble and she laughs gently

    “I am glad to hear it. Oh dear, I suppose I shouldn’t keep you from your friend much longer...”

    “It’s okay mom. Um...would you like to meet up later for coffee?”

    “Sure!” She exclaims happily. “Until then...”

    “I love you mother.” I tell her and once more she falls silent. I think she might be in shock.

    “I love you too Andy.” With a smile we hang up and I stuff my phone back in my pocket, confused and happy at the same time
  7. Sakamoto
    I continue to hold her close...and gently rubbed her back trying to comfort her. I am glad she didn't push me away and actually rests her head on my chest. It seemed so personal. I am sure this isn't how she wanted me to find out.
    "Hey it's fine." I say biting my lip. I was still surprised by everything. I wasn't expecting it to actually be her.

    "I am sorry you had to go through that." I then say with her being an orphan at such a young age and her evil aunt. I was glad that she seemed fine now and had someone watching over her. I am tempted to ask her more about what happened but I don't...this was probably not the way she would have wanted to tell me about her past so I wasn't going to push it by asking any more questions. Although I still wondered about what happened to her..and how that tied into all the crazy that happened today.

    "So..now you know why I didn't want to tell you." I say quietly. This had been eating at me from the inside since I saw the article...I now felt really bad about bringing it up seeing how much pain it caused her. I gently wipe any stay tears she had.

    I listen to my uncles nagging about me breaking a promise and I sighed...
    “Everything okay Holmes?” Jacqueline says as she squeezes my shoulders trying to comfort me. Taking my out of my thoughts.
    "Um..honestly I don't know yet." I say being blunt. I wasn't sure how much trouble I was in with my uncle just yet. I was also still debating about telling him the truth about the people breaking in here. My mind goes through the options I had here:
    1) Lie and play innocent- not going to work as he seemed to already know I was hacking. Still need to figure out how he knew.
    2) Don't say anything- get in trouble and maybe have to go home? Will defiantly get stuff taken away
    3) Tell the truth- Will defiantly have to come back home

    Ugh all these options were horrible but the one that would have the least consequences would be to not say anything. I would still get in trouble and get my stuff taken away for a little while but that is later after this camp. By that time he would have calmed down...right?, I think
    I looked over at Jacqueline as she seemed confused but could tell I was in trouble
    "U-um you see the deal for me being able to bring my equipment was that I would not use it for hacking. I didn't think my uncle would find out but he somehow did and I am now in trouble for it." I explain to her moving my hair out of my face.

    "Alexander are you listening to me." he says over the phone
    "Yes sir." I say monotone," I am sorry for breaking the rules I won't do it again."
    "You're right once you get back here no electronics for a month." He says
    "What...don't you think that's to harsh?" I shoot back
    "Two months." He says
    "But..." I say
    "Do you want three." He says and I get quiet rolling my eyes. I hated this. He was being so unreasonable.
    "What were you doing looking up through the states criminal database anyways?" He says
    "How did you know I was hacking into the states database?" I shoot back monotone honestly very curious

    This was comfortable and I slowly drift off to sleep listening to him. I could get use to this.

    (assuming he left to another room or something to make the call)

    He leaves to go call his parents. I just wait and look for a place to sit. I end up at the bottom of the stairs and could hear some of the conversation but doesn't really pay attention not wanting to ease drop. I wondered how the conversation with his parents was going. I am tempted to get out my drawing pad to pratice but I didn't think the conversation would be that long.
  8. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku

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  9. Diana, your avatar amuses me greatly.

    I am here for the freaks I used to hang out with, ish. Loveless, thanks but I don't like cupcakes, I will put it to good use though. Hey Kura, hey Dawn *IB ring bump*

    I am still a rookie RPer, and although most that I have been in have burned to pieces I enjoy them very much. We'll see what happens here.
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    You didn't answer the questions so I'm going to attempt to shamelessly seduce you into joining a roleplay :3 Be prepared should I see you in the CBox. And if not, still be prepared ^.^
  11. Endeyn found him first, and John had to chuckle as he stood at attention. If he were human, he'd probably do a salute. He gave him a little smile and reached around to scratch behind his ears. "Easy there, Endeyn. We're security, not soldiers. Do appreciate how eager you are, though. Let's hope the rest of the group is as up to it as you are."

    His voice naturally drew Seria, so he turned as she came up, crossing his arms while looking her up and down. "No music? Good. Want you to stay focused. You can jam out during lunch if you want."

    Elania was there, standing formally as well. John looked from her to Endeyn and shook his head, smirking to himself. "You guys are so serious. Take your jobs seriously, not me seriously. I'm not going to grill you out if you don't salute." He rolled his eyes, smiling with his hands on his hips. "You'll get used to it eventually...Now where's Mason..."

    He turned and walked down to the offices, where he found Mason passed out on his keyboard. When he got up and explained what he'd been up to John crossed his arms and listened. He suppressed a laugh at him getting the IMSD message mostly right and parroting it at him.

    "Some of that 'alien crap' is actually just future tech. Recognize some of it from home," he said. "If you wanna speed-run Metroid, just get a SNES Classic. You don't need the rest of this stuff. Unless you're trying to sequence break." He looked at Mason with a raised eyebrow and smirked. "You know, in the future cheat codes are punishable by fines in gaming."

    A lie, of course, but he wasn't allowed to tell Mason the truth about the future. Though he could chat with old Mason about his past back home.

    "Anyway, get yourself cleaned up and meet us in the lobby. I've got a few possible missions lined up for us," he continued, leading the others down to wait for him to get cleaned. While waiting, he figured he'd go over the missions with the others. "Okay, we've got a suspected pickpocketing ring going on up on Level 9 - " He internally cringed, remembering the warning Frank gave him about how busy it would be up there " - suspected forgeries of 2-D artwork down here on ground level, and it looks like another suspected smuggling of Paradox Filters going on all the way up on 33. What are you guys thinking? Where should we start?"
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