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  1. Lucius held her hips as he started to thrust.
  2. E'vrio's sardonic tone and obvious threat surprised the Ku'Rhom standing over her. It was a rather abrasive and heavy handed approach for a psychotherapist. He was not studied in the science, but Uluro still doubted her forceful approach would improve the demeanor of either of them and had been fishing for a more forgiving reply. Being capable of a calm and rational air while she threatened to ice uncooperative crewmembers implied a certain amount of self-possession, but not much tact. It would only deepen the divide between herself and someone who would benefit from calm counsel. Reaching for the anti-gel was a good decision, but too little too late.

    The pilot's response was predictable.

    Johannes spoke, and Uluro heard it all. He heard the undertones of anger and resentment beneath meager emotional restraint. He heard the false congeniality sheathed in bitter sarcasm. High in cynicism. Resentful of authority. Uluro listened calmly while Johannes openly dared the Counselor to declare him unfit for service. Based on his own assessment, the Navigator wasn't invested in either outcome. On the one hand he had seen the list of accolades and recommendations in the human's file, and there was an clear commitment to results behind his contempt of the Counselor's choice of lunchroom. On the other, a hothead rich in technical skills and poor in social ones might be, as Johannes himself had hinted, an ongoing chore to work with. It seemed a clear possibility that Johannes might save everyone some trouble if he returned to cryosleep. To his credit Johannes managed to curb his anger and withdraw. Uluro thought it best to let him have the last word.

    The towering psyonic was beginning to feel more uncertain of the mission's future, but he was committed. Whatever could be salvaged would be. Uluro took the slender auroun's hand in his own and shook it once. A single deep breath centered him in the pause before he spoke, staring down at her with sunken eyes. His mind felt whole, but that was the problem with fragmentation. It could sneak up on you, even in your dreams.

    "Which do you prefer, Rio?"
  3. “Because the disappointments are not worth it.”
  4. Anya started moaning louder, “Ahh...”
  5. “She would be scared of me if I didn’t smile at her at all.”
  6. Itzlie
    (It's fine I understand)
    "Perhaps you should keep asking him about you? He seems to respond to this pretty well." He says and I bite my lip. I guess their was some sort of hope.
    "Alright...." I say and nod. I then looked over at my brother who just looked away.
    "Do you remember your family?" I asked him but he doesn't answer," Do you remember what happened to you?"
    He remains silent at these questions not saying anything. It got quiet as I wait for him to answer and looked at his face to see if their was any form of recognition. Their was none though.
    "Let me tell you. Your name is Ivan and I'm your sister. You disappeared when you were very young." I say to him. I see him grit his teeth.
    "We are twins...you seriously don't remember?" I say and he looks down," Whoever sent you-"
    "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" He wells at me cutting me off and I backed away. He now seemed very irritated.
    Yeah this wasn't working, I think and sighed.

    I see her reaction and she moved away from me. She seems visibly shocked and shaken by what I said. I try to go over and hold her to calm her down.
    "Maybe I should have just kept this to myself but that's what happened." I then say quietly wishing I hadn't seen that article.
    "So it really was you in the article.." I say. I could not imagine what she had went through as I still had both of my parents and I frown.
    "What do you mean she didn't treat you right?" I asked her. She had seemed so angry in the article I can only imagine what happened to her. I never would had guessed thought.

    (Surprised he didn't mention Carrie and Samuel again haha XD)
    (So far the only people he doesn't like are..Penny, Sakamotot, Carrie, and Samuel)

    "Jack really likes.." She says and I tilted my head as she stopped and seems to go silent. I wondered what she was going to say. She then says it's ok for me to take my call. I nod and answer the call.
    "Hey." I say calm..I mean there was no way he would know and this just might be a normal call.
    "Don't 'hey' me." He says," I know what you have been up to."
    "I don't know what you mean." I say innocently sitting in my chair.
    "Didn't we agree no hacking or anything while you are out their." He says this time yelling and I knew I was busted. I wondered how he knew.
    "God Alexander I sent you over their to try and be a normal kid and I see that you are going around hacking. I gave you rule for going and being able to take your things." He continued sounding very disappointed. I scratched the back of my head now feeling bad...I wondered if I should tell him that it was for a good cause and what happened here. I don't think he would listen to me right now as he seemed upset and was going off.

    He says he is fine and I go over snuggling up against him again. He was warm and I closed my eyes again listening to him.

    I smiled and nod. I then see him look at his phone..
    ""Er...do you mind if I take a moment to call her back? I have a feeling she might go into her crazy protective mother bear mode." He says
    "Oh..no it's fine." I say with a smile. Although I don't think I would be able to relate to my family being worried about me.
  7. Winnifred

    He holds me then and I am surprised I don’t flinch away from him. His touch is oddly comforting and I feel my shoulders slump down as I roughly rub the area around my eyes “Yes it was me. I am so ashamed I did that interview. I didn’t realize he was going to do a full out article, I thought he was going to turn the tip into the cops or something...find someway to get my aunt in trouble.” I move my hands from my face to my arms, where I rub roughly up and down “She...she didn’t treat me quite right. A lot people just said I was a snotty brat who didn’t like to do chores when I tried to bring things about her up but...I constantly did the work around the house. Even as a little kid. She dressed me like a slob and I didn’t eat much...” I bite my lip as I pat my stomach “That’s probably why I’m tiny now you know?” With a sigh I continue “When I realized the police didn’t take my claim seriously and that my aunts treatment was getting worse to the point where she would....” I don’t finish my statement and I lean my head against his chest “I left a while ago. My guardian...um...I call him Uncle Bobby...he’s been taking care of me for a while now. He’s really good to me, and he’s helped me cope with the fact that I’m an orphan.”


    I don’t bother to finish my statement for fear of Jack yelling at me again. I lean back as he begins to talk with his uncle and I can already tell that there may be something wrong. Hesitantly I get up from my chair and I place my hand on his shoulder before asking in a quiet voice “Everything okay Holmes?” I give his shoulder a squeeze and I kid you not, Jack squeals in my head. It’s so high pitched it almost hurts my ears.

    Give him that comfort Jackie. That’s it...now embrace him. Embrace the dreamboat.

    Jack you quit it.

    Admit it...you would like to wouldn’t you?




    I plead the fifth Jack. Now go screw off.

    Boy would I like...

    Shut up!
    I exclaim to him, rolling my eyes. I do love the sucker, I do. Even if he is gross and a pain in my neck.


    She snuggles up against me again and I hold her close, tangling my fingers gently in her hair as I read to her. I’m surprisingly at ease now, I don’t have any red on my face and my words come out smoothly. I finish the chapter and move onto the next


    I smile and I dial up my mother. It doesn’t take long for her to answer

    “Andy?” She calls out happily from the receiver, although I can hear her anxiety clouded through her voice. “Oh, hello my darling boy! Sweetie why didn’t you pick up the phone?”

    I feel my face become inflamed with how sweetly she tries to talk to me. I feel bad almost instantly. I don’t like it when the poor woman gets so worried about anything. When she worries, she worries badly.

    “Mother I apologize. Today has been busy and I have been speaking to a friend...”

    “Oh!” Her voice calls out, delighted “You have a friend? Oh how lovely! I know you don’t always like the company of others but I am so glad you are reaching out...”

    “Y-yeah...” I chuckle softly, clearly flustered “How’s it at the house? You and dad okay?”

    “Oh your father...” I can basically hear her smile from here “The dear went out to go get groceries while I am making some cookies for the two of us. I’m thinking we are going to have a movie night tonight.”

    “Don’t have too much fun.” I tease her and she sighs over the phone

    “We always have fun at the Hector house. You’ve just been missing out my dear boy. Tell your friend I said hello by the way...how’s the house? Has your...er...ability blossomed at all? I know you’ve been having a little trouble.”

    “It’s going better. Um, mom can I ask you something real quick?”

    “Shoot sport.”

    “Do you have an abnormality?” She pauses for a long second then sighs, explaining

    “Actually, yes I do. Um, it’s not to your extent though. Nothing as big as seeing people and being able to...did you say you could leave your body? That’s right. Sweetie I didn’t want to tell you this because I knew you wouldn’t believe me...you and that logical brain of yours could never really comprehend things like this...sweetie sometimes...well...” She takes another pause “Do you remember when you were little? And I could do all the voice impressions that you ever could ask me for? Do you remember how I would sing you to sleep, how I would sound decent...”

    “Mama?” I ask of her uncertainly, biting my lip.

    “I act as a conduit my dear. You know all the people you can see? That’s sort of a setback on my part, I can’t really see them unless they want to be seen. I just...act as a bridge of sorts. They can communicate through...”

    “Possession?” I inquire, not believing what I was hearing.

    “Yes.” She answers almost too quickly and sighs “See, now you understand why I never told you. It sounds odd, doesn’t it Andy?”

    “Nothing sounds weird to me anymore.” I mumble and she laughs gently

    “I am glad to hear it. Oh dear, I suppose I shouldn’t keep you from your friend much longer...”

    “It’s okay mom. Um...would you like to meet up later for coffee?”

    “Sure!” She exclaims happily. “Until then...”

    “I love you mother.” I tell her and once more she falls silent. I think she might be in shock.

    “I love you too Andy.” With a smile we hang up and I stuff my phone back in my pocket, confused and happy at the same time
  8. Sakamoto
    I continue to hold her close...and gently rubbed her back trying to comfort her. I am glad she didn't push me away and actually rests her head on my chest. It seemed so personal. I am sure this isn't how she wanted me to find out.
    "Hey it's fine." I say biting my lip. I was still surprised by everything. I wasn't expecting it to actually be her.

    "I am sorry you had to go through that." I then say with her being an orphan at such a young age and her evil aunt. I was glad that she seemed fine now and had someone watching over her. I am tempted to ask her more about what happened but I don't...this was probably not the way she would have wanted to tell me about her past so I wasn't going to push it by asking any more questions. Although I still wondered about what happened to her..and how that tied into all the crazy that happened today.

    "So..now you know why I didn't want to tell you." I say quietly. This had been eating at me from the inside since I saw the article...I now felt really bad about bringing it up seeing how much pain it caused her. I gently wipe any stay tears she had.

    I listen to my uncles nagging about me breaking a promise and I sighed...
    “Everything okay Holmes?” Jacqueline says as she squeezes my shoulders trying to comfort me. Taking my out of my thoughts.
    "Um..honestly I don't know yet." I say being blunt. I wasn't sure how much trouble I was in with my uncle just yet. I was also still debating about telling him the truth about the people breaking in here. My mind goes through the options I had here:
    1) Lie and play innocent- not going to work as he seemed to already know I was hacking. Still need to figure out how he knew.
    2) Don't say anything- get in trouble and maybe have to go home? Will defiantly get stuff taken away
    3) Tell the truth- Will defiantly have to come back home

    Ugh all these options were horrible but the one that would have the least consequences would be to not say anything. I would still get in trouble and get my stuff taken away for a little while but that is later after this camp. By that time he would have calmed down...right?, I think
    I looked over at Jacqueline as she seemed confused but could tell I was in trouble
    "U-um you see the deal for me being able to bring my equipment was that I would not use it for hacking. I didn't think my uncle would find out but he somehow did and I am now in trouble for it." I explain to her moving my hair out of my face.

    "Alexander are you listening to me." he says over the phone
    "Yes sir." I say monotone," I am sorry for breaking the rules I won't do it again."
    "You're right once you get back here no electronics for a month." He says
    "What...don't you think that's to harsh?" I shoot back
    "Two months." He says
    "But..." I say
    "Do you want three." He says and I get quiet rolling my eyes. I hated this. He was being so unreasonable.
    "What were you doing looking up through the states criminal database anyways?" He says
    "How did you know I was hacking into the states database?" I shoot back monotone honestly very curious

    This was comfortable and I slowly drift off to sleep listening to him. I could get use to this.

    (assuming he left to another room or something to make the call)

    He leaves to go call his parents. I just wait and look for a place to sit. I end up at the bottom of the stairs and could hear some of the conversation but doesn't really pay attention not wanting to ease drop. I wondered how the conversation with his parents was going. I am tempted to get out my drawing pad to pratice but I didn't think the conversation would be that long.
  9. Clo | Bartering Hall | Late Afternoon

    Interactions: Samael @Tealous & Lanaya @VengefulPeanut

    Clo grimaced at Samael's comeback about her looks. Again, she should've known. However, she grew a tad nervous when the Arbomite cracked his neck and started stretching...oh god, what was he planning now? The anxiety skyrocketed as Samael started walking backwards towards the edge.

    "Don't!" Clo said as she took off into a sprint. Unfortunately, she was too slow and Samael leaped off the edge. Clo peered down and could've sworn nausea stirred in her stomach for two milliseconds; that was quite a decent drop. Though she excelled in combat, heights was a bit of a different story; she could force herself to handle it, but there would always be a deep-seeded uneasiness. She pulled an annoyed look as Samael fell...

    And crashed on top of a closed stand, startling two other individuals next to it ((Shilia and Amadeus)).

    Her partner raised his shotgun and attempted to let loose a round in him, but Clo carefully lowered the barrel while shaking her head.
    "I swear this man brings destruction everywhere..." Clo grumbled before slapping her partner on his chest pad. "We're not trying to kill the bastard. There's a ladder on the east side. Take that. I'll slow him down." A curt nod from him before he ran off.

    Clo looked down again, a shaky breath escaping her. She knew she couldn't afford to waste time, not while chasing this speedy asshole. Steeling her nerves, she trailed back a few steps and then sprinted off the edge. The landing was heavy, that much she expected. As her boots met the stand's hardwood roof, she rolled forward to soften the impact and tumbled to the ground.

    "Okay...ow," she huffed under her breath. Meanwhile, a voice emitted from her walkie talkie, though it definitely wasn't one that she was expecting to hear...

    "Erm... all uniform... erm... felinetrot - foxtrot! Foxtrot... Uniform Foxtrot elements in the erm... place... this is Lanaya Delmont requesting... erm... where are you guys?"

    "Wha...Lana?" she mumbled in disbelief. Scrambling to her feet while scouring around for Samael, she hastily spoke into the device. She was not one for clipped or unprofessional reports. Really. She preferred to handle her job eloquently and in completely seriousness--

    "A, Lana what the hell are you doing outside of HQ and B," she rolled her eyes in subtle defeat, "Bartering Hall."

  10. Good evening/night~
  11. With Uluro's mind leading, Rio was left in that in-between state where physical sight was possible but complete coherency was not. She eased her data tablet from her pocket with a gentle nudge of manicured digits, capable only of pressing her fingers against the display screen so recording information was possible. Tapping through options with idle strokes, the Auroun's inner sight settled on the landscape. Something compelling drew her closer, though it was likely to do with her outlook on the foreign locale. Uluro's eyes were the true guide to their shared excursion, his angles, and perception now hers to navigate through. There was nothing quite like being able to see in two places at once, but that was all part of the Peace Keeper training she dedicated her life to.

    Second nature was the pull of the Gates. So powerful remained the demand to enclose upon the still image and their projection's location that Rio held her breath. Steady now...

    <Uluro> her voice whispered once more, the pitter-patter of rain on the sidewalk. <Can we move toward them?> She found it difficult not to guide her patient in those moments, but his first choice needed to be a cognizant effort on his part. All she was there to do was offer guidance through discovery, and this was a discovery Uluro would need to make on his own in a manner of speaking. Even so, her body chilled even while tensing. Something to do with the Gates. Something to do with their fallen stature, and what may rest beneath the stone rubble. What she felt was power resonating, tendrils lapping at the skyline despite there being nothing so obvious at the surface. They were too far away for her to make out the details.

    Rio's heart ached.

    <Explain how you feel. To see the Gates, to be here- tell me how you are sessing these fallen constructs.>


  12. Endeyn found him first, and John had to chuckle as he stood at attention. If he were human, he'd probably do a salute. He gave him a little smile and reached around to scratch behind his ears. "Easy there, Endeyn. We're security, not soldiers. Do appreciate how eager you are, though. Let's hope the rest of the group is as up to it as you are."

    His voice naturally drew Seria, so he turned as she came up, crossing his arms while looking her up and down. "No music? Good. Want you to stay focused. You can jam out during lunch if you want."

    Elania was there, standing formally as well. John looked from her to Endeyn and shook his head, smirking to himself. "You guys are so serious. Take your jobs seriously, not me seriously. I'm not going to grill you out if you don't salute." He rolled his eyes, smiling with his hands on his hips. "You'll get used to it eventually...Now where's Mason..."

    He turned and walked down to the offices, where he found Mason passed out on his keyboard. When he got up and explained what he'd been up to John crossed his arms and listened. He suppressed a laugh at him getting the IMSD message mostly right and parroting it at him.

    "Some of that 'alien crap' is actually just future tech. Recognize some of it from home," he said. "If you wanna speed-run Metroid, just get a SNES Classic. You don't need the rest of this stuff. Unless you're trying to sequence break." He looked at Mason with a raised eyebrow and smirked. "You know, in the future cheat codes are punishable by fines in gaming."

    A lie, of course, but he wasn't allowed to tell Mason the truth about the future. Though he could chat with old Mason about his past back home.

    "Anyway, get yourself cleaned up and meet us in the lobby. I've got a few possible missions lined up for us," he continued, leading the others down to wait for him to get cleaned. While waiting, he figured he'd go over the missions with the others. "Okay, we've got a suspected pickpocketing ring going on up on Level 9 - " He internally cringed, remembering the warning Frank gave him about how busy it would be up there " - suspected forgeries of 2-D artwork down here on ground level, and it looks like another suspected smuggling of Paradox Filters going on all the way up on 33. What are you guys thinking? Where should we start?"
  13. Sakamoto
    I chuckled at her reaction then pretends to look hurt as she swatted my hand.
    "Aww come on don't be like that. " i say playfully as I see herput her hair back in pigtales. She then peeked over at me and gave me a kiss. I also blushed.
    She then says how she thinks my life if pretty interesting..I shrug. She then noticed how I had looked at her worried.

    “It’s nothing to worry about okay, everything is alright right now. I promise.” she says how she would tell me if their was something wrong. I feel a but relieved. She then pokedmy nose with her and smiled relaxing again
    "Alright." I say beliving her innicently kissing her cheek

    (-raises hand- Hey jack i have a question..you said you would protect those people but what if they got into a fight with eachother who would you protect?)

    She seemed surpsied but their wasn't any ways i was going to blame her. She then joked back after lying
    "Don't know if bearing false witness is on the top of my list on why I might go to hell." She says back and I laughed. She then says how she is surpsied i didn't take her offer as she comforted me with her hand on my shoulder.
    "Hey I wasn't going to just throw my friend under the bus just because we got caught." I say to her with a smirk," hadn't even consider it. It wouldn't be right. We are a team I was just the one that broke the rules not you."
    She then asked about the research
    "Oh yeah that." I say crossing my arms then sighed," it's going to have to be on a hault till I can figure out how my uncle knew I was hacking all the way back home. "
    Hopefully it wouldn't take to long. I would have to look threw the computers we used today to see what programs were in the computers.
    "Anyways we still have the cigarette store and the investigator to look into." I then say. I am glad she didn't hear to ask any questions about the last part of the phone call.

    I am asleep when I suddenly feel the warmth move away. I slowly wake up hearing Warren feeling groggy from sleeping. My eyes widen wondering what he was doing as I see him mess with Damon... I clenched my fist not saying anything as Warren just walked to the kitchen. That bully.
    " You ok?" I asked Damon worried. I see his cheek and I frown. I quickly put 2 and 2 together.
    "Your cheek does it hurt?" I asked gently moving to wipe the blood off from the cut Warren gave him with my sleeve. I glared over at the kitchen angry.
    I shouldn't be surpsied though Warren didn't need a reason to hurt others.


    He seems disappointed with himself and I listened.
    "Sounds complicated. " i say to him. I gently put a hand on his shoulder.
    "Well at least you are fixing it now. That's good." I say to him. That was a start at least
  14. Carrie


    It becomes difficult to keep my eyes open for much longer. Today's weight starts crashing onto my shoulders and exhaustion seeps in. My grip on Quinn becomes slightly tighter, as fear of waking up to not seeing her there beside me is prominent. My eyes flutter close and I feel the relaxing motion of my chest heaving up and down with peace embedded into every breath. My lips part slightly and I almost fall into the land of slumber. The feeling of Quinn shifting besides throws me out of that tranquility.

    My eyes flicker open almost immediately and I see her, seeming somewhat shaken as she bolts upright. I retract my arms back to my sides before pulling the bed cover back over me. "Quinn, are you alright my dear?" My brow pinches and concern begins to fester. I pray the poor dear did not have a nightmare. I would not be surprised. Today was just horrible, and I had a feeling I was going to have trouble sleeping tonight. If at all. I wonder if Samuel would be opposed to me joining him in cuddles tonight. But then again, I might need to volunteer my time to standing guard of the house.

    "What was that dear?" I ask her, placing my hand against my temple, gaining a quick wave of dizziness. I suppose the fluid in the IV was doing its job properly of making me a little bit loopy. I think I heard her correctly, she asked me who I was. "Quinn, mon ami, je suis Carrie. Oh, oh non..." Memories come flooding back and I have a horrible fear that Quinn went dormant for a little while. I just prayed she would come back

    "Colette, c'est tu? Je suis un ami. Quinn et moi...Je suis un ami de Quinn. Je sais pour toi..." I comment in a gentle voice, trying my best not to scare her off. I don't need her running away. I need to hold myself accountable and watch over her.
  15. Abel

    Speaking of personal space, a slight feeling of alarm quickly meltinted into giddyness as she was scooped up into Liddo’s arms. Whoa there - that certainly took a sharp turn from hand-holding. Not that she minded too much.

    A grin pulled further at her lips, and a laugh escaped her at Liddo’s joy. She was quick to throw her arms around him as well, comfort settling into her gut. She’d barely known him a day; why did she feel so ... at ease around him? Most who would try to do this would gain an improvised karate chop to the throat. And maybe a knitting needle to the eye. Whichever she decided to try out first.

    Then again, she did just defend his tail against unneeded and unwanted criticism of some ass. Perhaps that was enough time to bond at least a little.

    Oh goddess - his tail. His tail was... wagging? She thinks? That... that was utterly adorable. “Uh- Yes, chosen rendezvous for, uh, chosens. Count me in and already there. Heck, I’ll even pitch a tent or something and camp out until everyone comes crawling out of the woodworks.
  16. I'm porting a Fantasy RP here. Cyan, you've heard of Crossroad Miracles, have you?

    It's got quite a bit of world building. I tend to worldbuild when the RP is having stagnant phases. I enjoy slapping tonnes of races, but I tend to make locations up on the fly and I never do have a concrete map to properly connect the places, one reason why I avoid hosting Open World these days.

    Overall, it is standard fantasy at its core, with only the players to make it stray away from the cookie cutter.

    As for other RPs... I'm going to have to pull someone in for this.
  17. The World of Ashil (Part 1)

    Part 1 + Categorizing Your World

    +What will the main genre be?
    -Past fantasy in a unique world called Ashil (not Earth)

    +Are you going to have magic, and if so how prevalent do you want it to be?
    -Magic is very common. Though not every race has it, and everyone in the races that are capable of magic might not have it. Magic users, depending on the culture, are usually treated like everyone else.

    +Are there going to be sentient creatures other than humans?
    -Absolutely, in fact, humans don’t exist in this world. Each race will have some kind of ability beyond human comprehension.

    +Is it for a roleplay? If so, one on one, small group, or large group?
    -Yes, large group.

    +Is it going to be something that encourages exploration, or is it going to be set in a relatively small area with no broad exploration needed?
    -It encourages exploration greatly, you have the entire world to work with and you can start anywhere, go anywhere, and do almost anything. If you have an idea for the plot, run it by me and we can come up with something.

    +Do you want it to be a game that'll last years or something light and fun for a few months?
    -It would be amazing for it to last years. Even after the war has been fought, new problems may arise, new enemies, new threats, anything is possible.


    -Grimdark, dark fantasy, heroic fantasy, magic realism, medieval fantasy, slightly mythic fiction, slightly romantic fiction

    +High or low fantasy?
    -High fantasy, definitely.


    +Is the world straight up real world, separate from the real world, portal worlds, or world-within-a-world type?
    -Separate from the real world.


    +Will death be permanent and final, or can it be overcome with extreme effort, or is it a trivial obstacle?
    -Death isn’t necessarily permanent; there are certain races that can get around it such as the Nofoit. Also certain powerful magic can bring the dead back to the living, however this is rare, requires a lot of power, and is very difficult and specific, if done wrong by even the tiniest thing it could kill the caster(s) painfully.

    +Is magic totally fake, or is it something that operates on coherent rules, or is it deus ex machina incarnate?
    -Magic operates on rules (maybe not exactly coherent, but rules nonetheless). These rules will be listed with the races and classes.

    +Will the physical limitations of an individual be just like real life, or will everyone be in peak human condition with no work, or will everyone stand a chance in an arm wrestling match with Superman?
    -It depends on the race. Some will have physical limitations of humans in real life, but to balance this they will have abilities or magic depending on which race it is. Others can break the peak of human condition with no work, and what’s left can definitely stand a chance in an arm wrestling match with superman, though they may have weaknesses to balance out the races.

    +Mundane, Unrealistic, Unusual, Fantastic, and Surreal


    -Dark: Although there is a realm of light and good, things still seem pretty dark over there. You will not find a happy little kingdom of pink where everyone is cheerful and nice, willing to help out complete strangers with smiles. You may find a kingdom of white with gothic architecture, and everyone may not be completely bad, but they most likely won’t go out of their way to help someone, then again, you may find one or two of those, but they’re rare.

    -Black and grey: No one is truly good; everyone has their darker side no matter how small it may be. Someone Nivarea may murder someone in order to make things right, someone from Obriosia may murder someone to survive, and someone from Strefoth may murder someone just for the fun of it... either way someone's going to die. XD

    LESSON - Jorick's Fantasy Worldbuilding Guide - Part 1
    Thank you Jorick for your amazing guide ♥♥♥
  18. Colette Fournier | Hospital

    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    Warning: This gets a tad intense...

    I have to sit down as my headache climbs to new heights. Dear God...Quinn, what is wrong with you? Calm down already! Unfortunately, she's not heeding my words, not a single bit. The pain pushing against my skull just shoots up even more in intensity, until I can literally hear the angry pounding in my ears. I could've sworn I heard Quinn's voice, fluctuating in and out of the throbbing pain and...and screaming at me. In pure fury. She's never been this cross with me--ever.

    All of this for this...this woman?!

    "Merdre! (Shit!)" I curse while cradling my head. Among the roaring in my ears, I can still somewhat process Carrie's words, which just builds even more into the chaos swirling behind my eyes. I shakily collapse to the floor, cradling my head in my hands while pulling my knees up to my chest. It hurts! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts...

    You deserved to be loved Colette. Everyone has someone who loves them...and I know how it feels to be alone. I know what it’s like to never want someone to try and grow close."

    "Sh-shut...up," I wheeze, trying to squeeze Quinn's rage out of my head.

    "I’ve been in that situation where I am so scared that no one cares, and I have to handle myself on my own. Colette, I know what it’s like to suffer that."

    No you don't. No you don't!

    Those are lies! I'm sick of always hearing them!

    "You'll be the gem of the Fourniers, Colette..." A hand upon my shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. The contact is hollow, yet filled with a command I cannot disobey. Be perfect. Strive for perfection. Reach it. Go beyond it.

    I worked so damn hard!

    "I made a promise to...to you--"

    "You promised us a breakthrough!" Fistfuls of my hair yanked, my head snapping back as a yelp escapes me. Suddenly, my face is covered in a prickling chill and water rushes down my throat. I gurgle, hands slapping at the porcelain edges frantically--

    "--To protect and to cherish."

    "Shut up!"

    I can only protect myself! B-but how can I save myself from this pain? Quinn, why are you doing this t-to me? Make the pain stop! Please!

    "And I do not care how foolish, how ridiculous, how delusional you think I am. I am not going to forget my affection for you. Not now not ever."

    "Hold her down!" Two pairs of hands, my brothers. Simon and Jacques pin me down with inhuman strength. No. I am just weak. The sizzling of red hoy iron from behind, approaching closer and closer...White agony explodes behind my eyes and rips through my senses like a bolt of lightning. They wouldn't let go. I beg. But they don't let go.

    "You deserve to be loved...and you are very much loved. T-this is why I-I did w-what I did for you. I promised to take away all your pain, and I will. No matter the price."

    "SHUT UP!!"

    Quinn Kimberly | Hospital



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