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Hi, Effort. XD That was a real exciting greeting there! Really put in the Effort. >:D
Welcome to Iwaku, man.

Here for the RPs, I take it? Or are you one of Diana's crazy peoples?
Hi effort hulk eye guy.

Welcome to the forums. I take it you were dragged here my the resident Diana so I'll be gentle. I'm Vay and I'm you local unfriendly RP support modso questions should come my way via PM, IM, or ™. When you have time make Diana happy by filling out a ROLEPLAYERS' RESUME and almost all joinable rps have an OOC.

While we are reduced to a temp cbox please don't be afaid to talk to and get to know all the members you don't already know. They'll only try to kill you.
*giggles at the intro* HELLO THERE!!!! ^_____^

*gives cupcake* Welcome to the IWAKU! <3333
Err.... what else do I do from here?... >>;


Hello and welcome to the Iwaku

*walks off into the shadows*
Diana, your avatar amuses me greatly.

I am here for the freaks I used to hang out with, ish. Loveless, thanks but I don't like cupcakes, I will put it to good use though. Hey Kura, hey Dawn *IB ring bump*

I am still a rookie RPer, and although most that I have been in have burned to pieces I enjoy them very much. We'll see what happens here.
Hiya, I'm Kitti!
You didn't answer the questions so I'm going to attempt to shamelessly seduce you into joining a roleplay :3 Be prepared should I see you in the CBox. And if not, still be prepared ^.^
You're only considering joining an RP?

Very well.

I shall now have to chase you around poking you with a stick until you join one.
Is that the stick with the live cobras ties to the end?

*Grumbles "Diana's gonna kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."*

Welcome to the site, and I see you have met a couple other hands of the staff! I'm Trance Kitsune and most call me TK or Julez! I'm in control of Conseling and general member relations! If you have any problems with anything, come to me and I'll help you as best I can, or point you towards someone who is more qualified to help you!

Also, I do hope you join an RP, there's so many of them out right now, a lot need members to join! And there's a lot to choose from!

Anyways, if you need me for anything, you can PM me, or if that's not enough here's my MSN and Skype just in case:

MSN: [email protected]

Skype: juliajrudes
EFFORT! I recall you! Welcome to Iwaku!

If you need me at anytime feel free! [email protected] for my MSN! I can help you find any RPs that might fit you or can always help you start up a new one!

Welcome to Iwaku :)

Like most of the other members up there I'm here to offer my help and assistance whenever you might need it :D

Hope you enjoy your stay and join all the fun on Iwaku :D

PS: I'm Sakura, General Moddie ;)


I'd actually like to thank all you guys for welcoming me and stuff.