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  1. No, I'm not new, but I did die off...somewhat. Just gave up the roleplaying ghost and took a walk with the plot reaper...but! I'm back and I plan to be just as active once more. Besides, I have a lot of achievements on this site that I want to get to just to say that I did them. Either way, I won't notice until the site tells me I did something monumental. @_@

    Back to the topic at hand...

    I have returned! Now revel in the aftereffects of my ecstasy and burn in the ashes of my literary pleasure! May the bead spreads of imagination keep you warm and the scent of our roleplaying deeds stain lick your nostrils for weeks to come!

    ...this isn't normal. So I'll stop there lol. Just to say I'm back and willing to work this keyboard to death.
  2. Welcome back to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  3. Welcome back , Powahbass.
  4. *hits powerbass*
    I get worried >_<
    *Says the one that didn't notice before now*

    Welcome back ^^