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  1. Long story short, I'm not new to the site. Its just been a good minute since I've been around. ( I'd easily say a good six months)
    Pretty much I joined the site when I was doing a lot of stuff RL, and should have for seen the fact that I'd get pulled away from the internet world.

    Thankfully, I have more free time, and I'm just itching to do some writing, So thus I wandered my way back here.

    So I'm Glad to be back, and if you guys know of any good RPs to join, I would be most grateful If you sent me some information about it through pm/s
  2. Heya welcome back to Iwaku, miss wolf fan ^^
  3. Welcome back here! We all have our RL issues at some point or other! No running away from those I'm afraid.
  4. Welcome back to Iwaku! :D
  5. Welcome back!
  6. Firewolf!
    Welcome back!

    I do remember you.... but I can't remember from which roleplay!

    Anyways, welcome welcome back!
  7. Welcome back Firewolf! 8D