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  1. Hello [insert your name here],

    I'm looking for a partner for my idea but first a little about me:

    - I prefer FXM.
    - I prefer to play the female.
    - PM or Thread is fine with me.
    - I like to work together on the rp while role-playing it.
    - I'll end up asking you for your preferences because I want us to be both happy.
    - If you want to rp with me but don't like the idea, I'm open to ask for other rps.

    Now for the idea:

    - Two twins who live different lives because of their divorced parents want to switch though the lives are completely different (one rich while the other not). So, they switch while trying to pretend to be one another. Then, there's a guy at each school and romance blossoms while he still thinks it's the other twin that they're used to. What you do with the two guys would be your choice though, like their personality and who they are (their connection to the twins in the beginning which could be not much if you want). This would involve playing two characters each.
  2. Hi I'm interested pm me :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.