Hey XD



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My name is Rhys (that's pronounced 'Reese' like the candy), but I don't really care to use the name online. Just call me by my username or by some abbreviation of my username. (it's a weird username, I know. If you're creative you could probably come up with something, though.)

I have fleeting interest in things that remain unchanged or are too easy for me to do, so I'm not sure exactly how long I plan to stay. I don't know much about the site as of yet, though so you knows? I'm big on writing and role play having been introdiced to it pretty early in life. I wouldn't say that I'm an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm not really a newbie either.

I look forward to meeting people on this site and role playing here.

I'll be good, I promise XD
Going On.
With your username?
I shall call you...
Welcome, enjoy your stay on Iwaku.~ n.n
My name is Staci. And your avatar made me squeal like an elephant.
I blame you for that.
Hi Staci :),

First: I have way too many OCs, those are the first two letters of their names. Sebastian, Mikey, Haley, Cora, Mel, Ivy, and Rhys. Rhys is me. I'm weird and I'm aware of this ;)

Seco? Haha, okay.

Thank you, I plan on enjoying it. This site seems really cool. The role play isn't limited, which is good. Yup X3

My raining/bleeding umbrellas? Thank you :3 they appreciate it.
Hallo person with a very colorful avatar! Welcome to the community! :D
Hello, Semi, and welcome to Iwaku.
I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you~
We're a very community driven site which means that we're getting new faces all the time to play with and there's always fresh, awesome new ideas bouncing around so for me at least, things here are never boring!

If you need help with anything, please do feel free to ask~
Happy playing to you.
See this cookie? >>:cookie: It is for you. Take it. =) Welcome to Iwaku!​