Hey, whats up!

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  1. Hello Dere!

    I'm Dann, I'm Twenty years old, soon to be twenty one,
    I've been roleplaying on chat-sites for a few years, though i'd give forum a try.
    I was mianly involved in Vampire/Mythical roleplay, but i'm open to a bit of anything if its interesting.

    Brains gone blank about things to say, If you need any more, hit me up with a message :].
  2. My brain goes blank all the time.. so no worries =p
    Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
  3. :P Dann! <3 hehe x
  4. Thanks for welcoming me :3
    hi charrrrrrrrrrr.
  5. Oh my gosh, you're a dead person! O__O

    Welcome to the community, dead person?
  6. Never going to remember Dann. Welcome Cadaver! Hope you find some vampire/mythic RPs soon.