HEY!!! -Waves like an idiot- ^-^

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  1. -Sits alone behind a huge oak desk, hands crossed. A single lamp casting a eerie shadow across the room.-
  2. -Stalks them from the corner of the room, arms crossed over his chest. He glares at the target, sizing them up before screaming "HEY THERE!!!"-
  3. -Jumps, startled by the scream. "Well hi." Massages ear. "Ya think you were loud enough?" Stands up and walks over to you. Looking you up and down. Then smiling. "Names Barzara, most call me Bar for short though."
  4. Nice to meet you, Bar. I'm Thrax, better known as Tenchi. I left Iwaku for a while, but it keeps you coming back after a while. If you need help looking about the site, let me know.
  5. I'm completely new here. But I am getting the hang of it relatively easy. As you can see. I'm not... retarded, when it comes to RPing. :)
  6. You'll fit right into place with the other lost sou-- I mean members. Welcome to Iwaku.
  7. Why thank you. I knew I'd fit in to. I lURVE RPing. It's just plain fun. haha.