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So yeah, I've been ridiculously busy with other stuff for awhile now, primarily massive tons of homework and video games that require less intellectual investment than properly writing in RPs. I have been checking in periodically, usually to find 0 posts on pretty much all my subscribed threads, which is partially my own fault.

I'm sure next to nobody around here misses me, but well, this is a statement of my intent to return. I have some ideas, I can try and revive the RPs of mine that aren't yet trashed if the members are still interested, and I might even attempt to join something if something catches my eye.

If I don't start doing something constructive around here soon, someone hassle me, eh?

EDIT: Oh look, my inactivity has reached such ludicrous bounds that I'm now classified as a lurker. Let's see if I can work that away soon...

*Flying hug of love* I miss my favourite wolf. ;__;

I'll be sure and hassle you if I don't see any roleplays coming out of that awesome brain of yours.
Hey welcome back it's good to see... see?... what ever *ahem* It's good to see you again.
Xindy, you keep stringing me along.... you return and fade away... ;__;
I've missed you making weird loopholes in my creature rosters to include lycans. Wait. Maybe.
It's a Jinx! >o<
*Must...catch...Jinx..... *
*Uses up 200 Poke'balls and leaves the Jinx alone to weep in the corner*

Welcome back. ^_^
@Kitti--wait, when'd I do that? Oh well..nice to see you again as well. I don't really like disappearing, but sometimes it can't be helped. I get in kind of a mental funk and don't feel able to put up the effort to write stuff, but then eventually the various fictional people in my head start beating on the walls and, well, there you go.

@Moeblob/Miru Err, what? Did I miss something?
^^: I called you Jinx, didn't I? ^_^; Whoops. @_@
I saw the X, and thought Jinx/Xinjmai. @_@
Welcome back, XINDARIS. =3
There, much better. ^o^