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  1. my name is nate feel free to vew my profile. i'm kinda new to online rp but i often just come up with random stories on my own to think about. I'd say i'm pretty well versed though i have a favorite type of character i do like to mix it up. I really like fantasy, I guess you could say it's my favorite. I have a whole list of characters in my head that i've been working with on my own for a while so my imagination's always fresh. I'm availible about 2-5 times a week and prefer to be invited to rp (I guess i'm kinda nervus about starting my own for now) so please invite me.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I wasn't long ago I was saying something like that to the community myself. Heh, you could even say I am looking out for an RP too.
  3. yeah same here & thanks
  4. welcome to iwaku we are so glad to have you!.
  5. Hey there! XD I'm also new, so its nice to see someone else that feels the same way out there. I hope to also get invited to lots of RP's as well. Maybe you can contact me if you find any interesting ones? :D I'd really appreciate it!! :duck:
  6. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku. Everyone feels nervous when they first join so don't feel awkward about it :D. Check out the JumpIn forums and you're able to join RPs without the wait of OOCs and approvals and all that good stuff. I wish you luck in finding RPs!
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. HI, dear warm welcome on Iwaku .. hopefully you on it..
    i am also new on this forum..