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  1. My name is Scarlett but I prefer to go by a variety of other nicknames such as; Ember, NME, Morbid, Dark, Darkness or NightmaresEmber. I am a 16-soon to be 17 year old female that enjoys most genres of roleplay. However I have an extreme preferance for Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi and Action roleplaying.

    I tend to play a large mix of characters; often ranging from dark and semi-depressing to hyperactive and happy. My characters tend to have a wide range of personalities and I always enjoy giving them some sort of mental or physical disability to cope with as I find it makes them more interesting.

    I really hope I can get into the groove here and enjoy roleplaying with the rest of you. ^^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm October nice to meet you. I think NighmareEmber is a cool name, I dig it.

    Hope to see you in some RPs soon!