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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new, and only know a handful of people on here, most of them are nubs like me. The last forum I was on, I would draw people's characters for them if they asked nicely, and bribed me with art trades and cookies. I'm not the best out there, but I'm definitely not the worst, and it's my belief that even pros are always improving; so maybe you guys can help me improve by giving me commishes! I don't have any examples at the moment, because I have yet to figure all this stuff out. But please rest assured that you won't end up with a crappy stick figure. (Unless that's what you want... to each his own I suppose.) Well, that's enough ranting, so here's the skinny:

    My style is mostly anime, but I'm trying to get more realistic, so please feel free to request realism. But don't expect brilliance. Lol

    I tend to procrastinate, and I get easily frazzled when I have too many commissions. Thusly I have limited myself to 3 requests maximum at a time. I procrastinate, yes, but I will definitely try to get them done ASAP.

    I primarily use digital media, and I'm okay with traditional, but be ye warned that traditional will take way longer.

    I'm not going to do anything explicit. Period. No nudity, (ok, I might be persuaded to do a attractive pose, and some more revealing clothes) NU NIPZ OR PRIVATES KAY? KAY. And do I even have to say this? No freakin porn. I have been asked this before, and that person was promptly blocked and reported.

    Full bodies take longer! So if you're super impatient or for some reason are prejudiced against legs, I suggest asking for a headshot or waist up. (Tries to hide from the dreaded anatomy)

    My list of strong suits:

    - BISHAYZ!!! Lol.

    - Females

    - Semi-realistic

    - Anime

    - Special effects. (Eg. Fireballs, glowing eyes, bloody clothes, etc.)

    Things I suck at (and aren't top priority for improvement, but might do if you sing me a sonnet or pester me with adoration <3):

    × Anthros/Furries.

    × Mecha. Friggin. Suits. I hate these...

    × Animals... while I would like to get better at them, I prefer to do so out of my own free time without the pressure of a request. (If you ask really nicely I might do a sketch or something, or draw one as a pet with a more human character.)

    × Super detailed backgrounds, ain't nobody got time for that. Unless you're ok with waiting, I'll just do simple gradients.

    Things on my "to definitely try improving" list are:

    + Manleh men

    + Short hair

    + Wings

    + Children

    + Elderly

    Alrighty! That looks like about it, any additional information can be asked for in the comments below. Hope I can help you out, and remember, I am absolutely ok with making this an art trade if you want.

    Here's a little form for you to fill out:

    Style: (Realistic, anime, cartoon, chibi.)

    Sex: (male, female, potato)

    Apparent age: (it helps. Seriously.)

    Skin: (Ethnicity is great and all, but if your character is a martian I wouldn't have a clue what the racial characteristics are. Because I've never met one before. Aside from just color, tell me more! Are there imperfections like freckles? Is it flawless and dazzling? Is it translucent or sallow?)

    Hair: (colors, style, texture, etc. The more deets the better!)

    Eyes: ( Color, shape, eyelash length... We're talking about the windows to the soul here people. )

    Nose: (A nose by any other name would smell just the same... wait. That's not how it goes. Whatever, descibe to me the fleshy blob which detects scent!!! If you need to, look up nose types online, and add whatever details you need. Keyword: details)

    Lips: (how else will your precious charrie pucker up, and sing the "ooohs" in pop music? Are they full, or thin? Is there a really prominent cupids bow? Are they pink, red, brown, white, or peachy? Do they have a pout like they stole them from Angelina Jolie?)

    Facial shape: (Heart, oval, square... all that jazz! Do they have angular cheek bones? This is the place to fill that out.)

    Body type: (I'm much lazier when it comes to bodies, so I'm mushing a ton of stuff in here. How tall are they? Are they big or small boned? Body builer-esque, trim, overweight, or rail thin?)

    Clothes: (like I said. No nudity. So fill this sucker in!!!)

    Additional: (anything I may have forgotten to add, such as special body parts like a robot arm or a demon tail. Don't forget to specify if you want a full body, headshot, or torso up; also, full color, b&w, or sketch. Little accessories like peircings that you didn't wanna put under clothes, scar and tattoo placement, or even what kind of pose they're in. Facial expressions? Background color? Any little pets or things for them to be holding? NAME ANYTHING)
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  2. Expect plenty of commishies;)
  3. That I shall! Requesteth away baerito!
  4. Yaaaaay~! I have one right now, actually^^ just a simple character. Think you could do a drawing for this character sheet?^=^
    Name: Lore Alexander Hallows



    Lore is a rather sickly looking woman, being frail, somewhat tall, and seemingly bone-like from her time in the jails. She has pale skin, with a rosy flush to her thinned cheeks, one that spreads gently across her nose, refusing to turn the tip of her nose red. Along with this, she has small deposits of freckles, all across the tops of her shoulders, which are hidden beneath her clothing.

    Lore's face is slightly rounded when healthy, however, and is surrounded by messy blonde hair, of which falls to her lower back, usually tied near the bottom. Her face has higher cheekbones, and is heart shaped, being the canvas in which her sweet features appear on. These features, however, have eroded from their sweet appearance, now taking on a gaunt, hate-filled one. Underneath her eyes, black bags have begun to form, and on her frame, she wears rags of what was once her own clothing, along with bandages wrapped around lacerations caused in her prison.

    History: Lore was born to a couple in the city slums, being the result of one of the (still) highly taboo relationships between an elf and a human. Her mother, the human, had been a woman of grace and beauty, of which matched the woman with the likes of many elven women. This, in turn, attracted Lore's father, who was an elven priest, held as a higher up in the city. This man left his work to pursue his family life when he realized he had Lore on the way, but, being unwelcomed in both the human and elven communities, the couple found their home in the darker side of the city, having a small home in a broken building, the building having a makeshift room with all the necessities in it.

    Nevertheless, the couple prevailed, and prevailed highly when their daughter was born, being able to provide for her through working in local areas as entertainers, her mother also tailoring for the lower class. This is how the little girl gained her skills, accompanying her father to sing with his lute playing, earning their family more money. As the girl grew older, she began to help her mother as well, and excelled at both jobs by the ripe age of 15, gladly helping her family. This continued on, until Lore turned 17, the girl deciding to leave home to pursue a life of her own. With her parents help, she found her own way into the middle class area of the city, working in the bars and markets as a minstrel.

    However, because of the racism against the rare half-elves, she was under constant surveillance, none seeming to trust the girl. This, was her downfall. Lore had moved into a small place near the marketplace, a cheap one room home amidst the wealthier homes, a dud in the stead of jeweled beauties. This didn't bother her, having grown up in the lowest of the low. However, one night, she found reason to regret leaving the slums. Through her only window, she had seen someone sneak into her neighbors house, and suspicion grew at the sight. The girl pulled on her clothing and grabbed a knife from her makeshift cupboard, leaving her house as she made her way into her neighbors. Soon, a scream rang out from her neighbors room, and the girl took off after the sound, bumping into the intruder, the man taking his own weapon and drawing it across her face in shock, blinding her nearly. With a scream from her own lips, she sliced at the man, barely scratching him as she fell to the ground, gripping her eyes. The man got away, and soon the guards arrived, seeing the scene before them.

    As such, it didn't take kindly to see a half elf with a bloody knife in a dead woman's house. With this as their evidence, and the sight of jewelry that had been dropped in the middle of the floor by the man from before, they made an arrest, believing her to have attempted thieving and believing her to have murdered the woman. From there, they took the girl and threw her in the prisons, slowly changing her into what she has become now. No longer, was she the kind minstrel girl, but now, the hardened, fiery elf hybrid.

    Lore is a rather spitfire woman, now, after her imprisonment, learning to intimidate others to get what she wants. She is extremely reluctant to new people, and will not be afraid to attack those who attack her. This can be helpful, or unhelpful, as such a trait has gotten her many scars over the years from the guards amidst the prisons, of whom dislike the hot headed girl severely. Because of her personality, those who had sold her to her new 'owner' had recommended the man to choose another, more placid woman; one who wouldn't end up in trouble a lot as Lore would.

    Reason for imprisonment:
    Falsely accused of thieving and murder

    Lore is well trained as a tailor, and as a minstrel, but has forgotten many of her skills, now being merely adept at her tailoring. As a minstrel, however, she can still play her lute well, having muscular recognition from her many years of practice with it.

    Weaknesses: Lore is severely afraid of water, and is unable to swim. In fact, she rarely goes near water, except for bathing purposes. Any water that is higher than knee deep, or murky enough to be nearly opaque, absolutely terrifies the girl. Another of her weaknesses include her disabilities, which were a result of her reason for imprisonment. These disabilities are obvious in the form of a single scar that runs across both eyes, blinding her in her left and severely impairing her vision in her right.
  5. I have a manly man with (some) short hair for you. I appreciate you taking the time to perhaps draw him!

    Chazlin "Chaz" Groos

    Sex: male

    Apparent age: 32

    Skin: He has ruddy skin that is rather imperfect. Some pockmarks, small scars, and some light wrinkling etc. on his face. His arms are more tan, but as a pale skin tone that has seen sun rather than a natural olive tone.

    Hair: Light dirty blonde (I imagine it as more streaks of light browns and blondes than just a brown color), kind of coarse and rough. Short (about an inch) on his head and ears are visible (and kind of small). The hair on his head is lighter than his beard, which has more prominent streaky color. It's visible but cropped on his cheeks and longer on his chin, mostly obscuring his neck. He has a moderate mustache but his mouth is visible. He tames his beard with wax so it doesn't look unruly or get into the food he cooks. His eyebrows are light colored but thick and wiry.

    Eyes: He has deep set hazel eyes that are light green towards the pupil and more brown towards the outside of the iris. They may seem a little small for his face, but it's probably just because he's such a big man. The beginnings of crows feet mark the corners, and he is often smiling which causes them to crinkle. His eyelashes are pretty much invisible because they're blonde.

    Nose: He has a Roman nose, which is nicely proportioned for his face. It may have been broken once, as there's a small bump on the bridge.

    Lips: He has thinner than average lips, the upper and lower the same width. They're a dusty pink color. They are visible around his beard, but not by much.

    Facial shape: Square face with a strong jaw and somewhat prominent cheekbones.

    Body type: He's tall (over six feet) and broad. Barrel chest, somewhat of a stomach, muscular arms and legs with big hands and feet.

    Clothes: He wears leather shirts, breeches, and boots (medieval setting). The heavier material is to protect him from fire while he's cooking. He wears a burn and stain marked (originally white) cloth apron liberally decorated with pockets that hold various cooking implements and knives.

    Additional: I'd just like him standing with his hand on his hips, looking cheerful. He's an innkeeper and a very extroverted/happy person.
  6. @liddi thanks for the request! I'll hop on that asap. I forgot to put this in the form earlier, but what style do you want? And do you want full body?
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  7. @NephilimNova It's up to you really! I would like a full body but waist up would be find too. (:
  8. I apologize for the delay! Lots of stuff came up, and unfortunately I lost all progress on the requests. I'm currently working on new ones, and will hopefully complete them soon. Thank you for your patience!
  9. Are you still accepting commishes?
  10. Yep! Still working on a few, but you can go on and fill out the form!! @EchoRun
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  11. I'm always looking for art trades because I agree, I think practice is always useful and trading with someone gives me some good motivation to improve my own art.
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