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  2. Demi

    I swear my gape can catch flies. Helen, my little cottony chipmunk, just now yanked psycho soldier by the collar and jammed a fist into his throat. Oh my god, I can't be more proud right now. When we get out of this shit, she's getting all of the tough hugs. Our kidnapper makes a gurgling sound and clutches his throat, keeling over from the impact. Oh fuck yes. "Payback time, bitch," I say in a sing-song tone as I slip around him and loop my arms under his, hands locking behind his neck. I also tightly hook a leg around his and my bones wrap about his calf.

    You're stuck, fucker.

    "Keep it up, Chipmunk!" I yell encouragingly as he thrashes in my arms. He tries to throw his skull back and headbutt me several times but I manage to lean away from them. I get annoyed with this bullshit pretty quickly and tighten my bones' grip on his leg, sending a painful sound of friction through the air. He grunts and, for once, I can actually some emotion in his voice. "Somebody's getting agitated," I coo with a predatory smirk.

    I look at Helen again. "Go to fucking town on him."



    The headcounts for my areas didn't take long at all. So far, I'm starting to become a bit nervous; I have yet to come across a handful of kids but I'm hoping that Carrie and Itzlie will tell me that they ran into them in their respective rooms. I know that this whole situation might not be as dire as we think, but it'd still be nice to hear some rea...ssurance?

    My thoughts come to screeching halt when I see my Care Bear and Itzlie straight towards me, their eyes absolutely wide in...f-fear? What're they afraid of?? When they get closer, that's when I notice my baby girl's leg.


    My heart sinks into my stomach.

    "Baby girl? Itzlie? W-what's going on? Why're you two running?" I ask shakily while trying to examine the wound on her leg.



    If it was my first time seeing Jacqueline transform, I would've jumped. Maybe even scream, but I don't. A small part of me is actually relieved to see Jack in physical form, it's like a confirmation that the transfer really worked. When he suggests that we split up, my gut flutters nervously. I look back at Nellie; we'd be leaving her all alone to look at Cyrus and if she uses her powers again, she'll be just as helpless...

    ...B-but Helen...

    I swallow back my shame. "H-he's right, Nellie. I swear w-we'll be back as soon as p-possible. D-don't leave the room, okay?" I ask gently. Nellie has plain concern in her eyes but she nods hesitantly, her hand still running through Cy's hair comfortingly.

    "Alright, you two go on check up on it. I'm just as worried about Helen too." She then looks back down at Cy and smiles warmly. "I'll keep an eye on this goofball." It always amazes me how she's able to keep an enthusiastic tone, even with all these unsettling things happening at once. I nod at her one last time before heading out with Jack.

    "I-It sounds like the fight's c-coming from downstairs," I say while breaking out into a jog. Okay, fun, it's a dead run, but I can't help it. I'm praying it has nothing to do with my Helen.
    I watched and see these group of kids together upstairs.
    I knew to be careful of getting touched by the Jack/Jacquline person.
    That girl Pen could manipulate minds
    Nellie could manipulate the blood.
    I had to be careful. As one of them (Jack-if that's ok) comes down the hall I hit him over the head with my gun to knock him out. As long as they didn't see me I would be fine.

    I kept running with Carrie. I see Sam...Carrie talked the fastest I had ever seen someone talk
    ''Oh my gosh...Sam...this is crazy." I say. My eyes widen as the person keeps shooting at us. I gulped as I kept running...trying to find a place to hide. If I had gotten shot by something I wouldn't know with how much adreline I am feeling right now
    "We can't keep running forever.." I say to Carrie. We had to plan something," We either keep running or pray to God this person runs out of bullets."
    Oh my gosh what about the kids!, I think wide eyed wondering what to do now.



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  5. John

    "For work, we get sent around the world for business meetings. Joey is basically our boss. He rarely goes on the trips personally, but this time he basically told us, 'I'm going'. Yeah, he can be difficult at times but in the end, he's a pretty good guy."
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  7. (Oh my god.

    Oh. My. God.

    HELEEEEEEEEN!!!! MA HART, MA SOUL!! CATCH IT CHEEZUS!!! *cries at the top of my lungs*)
  8. Carrie

    My heart pounds as we rush up the stairs and I hear an almost comically 'ting!'. I turn to see that she actually shot at Samuel and I become enraged. I do not believe I have been this overwhelmed with emotion since...well, since the big change. I grimace at the thought and keep running up the stairs. I hear another shot I hear another 'tink!' I look down and see she's reloading. Once she notices me from the bottom of the stairs she aims close to me and I quicken my pace. I barely miss the bullet as I make it up to the second floor.
  9. Dead Shot

    Threats have been reduced to a single target, the enhanced persuader. She appears highly flustered and emotional--I shall use that as her downfall. Osteokinesis target has been immobilized, persuader must be immobilized as well. Harsh force is permitted and likely.

    I shoot one palm out and send a small hail of porcelain shards, aiming for non-vital areas. I cannot afford to kill the targets. Our boss requests the targets alive and in minimal health.
  10. (I just can't even. My heart's officially gone. Just call me Dead Shot Jr...)

    Dead Shot

    Persuader target is approaching a stage of hysteria. Good. This will hinder her reasoning skills. She tries to punch me in the throat again, but I am prepared. I catch her fist and twist her arm. A large shard protrudes from my palm and I slice the inside of her elbow...

    Ah. She has protective internal bones like the Osteokinesis user. No matter. I then headbutt her and throw her aside. "You are wasting your strength. I will ask one last time, give in. If you don't, you will only experience more pain. I will not stop until you're unconscious."
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    *watches all of Iwaku get busted by the feds.*
  12. (Me too broseph)


    Another scream escapes me as he cuts into my elbow, and I grunt as he throws me along to the side. I am not giving into him. No. I'm never giving into anyone like this ever again. I spit in his direction as best as I can, my chest heaving up and down "Go burn in hell you massive prick." I curse at him, scared now. I try to put on a brave face and for a moment I think of Penny. I have to be strong for her. For her and Demi. My body stops its shaking. I am able to calm my breathing to the extent that it will be calm. I slowly get to my feet, smiling now.

    "The only way you will get me is if I'm dead." I don't care if he hears me. Surely there has to be something I can do. Demi desperately needs help. I should have asked Pen to take her but...now I need to do everything in my power to protect her. I tilt my head to the side and think about what I can do. What's good against porcelain? If only I had someone here with a manipulation power. But in the mean time I need to do without. "Leave us alone. Leave us alone. Leave us alone." I say over and over again, each time getting louder and louder, until my throat is so raw that I feel like I could just go into a corner and vomit "Leave us alone. Leave us alone." I approach him again, more carefully this time, and try to strike again.
  13. Blair

    She smiled sheepishly "One of those was luck. The other was because I was at the right place at the right time. Also because I was an absolute klutz." Belle grinned at Blairs words

    "Good girl."
  14. (...Helen is my hero bruh)

    Dead Shot

    I tilt my head. It is discernible that the target is speaking at louder volumes while approaching me. Likely she is trying to break through the porcelain barrier over my ears and use her persuasion abilities. She does not learn, does she? I sigh tiredly. "I cannot kill you, but you will be harmed extensively."

    She goes for another strike. Pitiful. She clearly has no training. I smack the strike aside and punch her in the jaw, then once more in her stomach. I grab her by her hair and force her to face me. "Don't not blame me for the roughness."

    I smash her face into the wall. For a normal skull, that should've shattered it, but her enhanced skeletal structure prevents this. Of course, there are no enhancements to her skin. I pull her face away, spotting splatters of blood on the surface. "Do you yield yet?" I reel her head back.


    And slam her face again.

    "How about now?"

    I reel her head back--


    I blink...

    I look down at my right calf, which is completely crushed into shambles. Porcelain shreds are spiking through the crevices of a bone cocoon, which is steadily climbing up my body.

    "I've...n-never made m-my bone density...this thick before..." the bone bender wheezes. She is a bloody mess; open gashes are decorating her skin and her ruined clothes are reduced to shreds just barely maintaining her decency. She flashes blood-stained teeth at me. "B-but ten...times is b-...bound to b-break your ass..."

    I hobble over, struggling to regain my balance.
  15. (I'm an emotional wreak right now man X'D)


    It feels like someone forcibly ripped my oxygen from my throat as he punches my jaw and then my stomach. My mind is screaming for mercy, cursing my body for doing this. In my mind I deserve it. I couldn't stop this in the first place. Now Demi was really hurt. I wasn't going to get us out of this. We were going to be taken away because I was mentally weak. I should have just taken his words.

    I let the past haunt me. I should have just let it all go. I should have thought of Cyrus, or any of the other boys that showed me I could be safe around them. I whisper random names of loved ones under my breath as he pulls on my hair and I grimace. Fear takes over and I think I'll never see their faces again. "P-pen...C-Cy...N-Nel...." I close my eyes and the next thing I know my face is slammed into the wall. If I could I would scream, but it's shocked out of my system as he forces me away from the wall and does it again. Blood trickles down my face and I gasp once I am brought away from it. "G-god h-have m-mercy..." I whisper

    My head turns to Demi as she speaks. She's so bloody...for a moment I think I'm going to faint, I swear that I am just going to die of fright and shock, but the man hobbles over, clearly off guard. I take a deep breath and with a weak attempt I strike at him, attempting to hit his porcelain jaw. My face is flaring with pain, but the idea of lashing out on him brings me a temporary pleasure.
  16. Samuel

    "I'm just fine baby girl, don't you worry," I whisper back soothingly, gun and eyes still locked onto the woman. "Keep your hands where I can see them!" I order sternly, my voice dropping to an angry base. I haven't talked like this since my old MMA days, it almost feels wrong in my throat, but I can afford to show any weakness around out intruder. Her calmness is rather daunting though...how can she be so confident?

    "State your business and don't beat around the bush," I growl. "What the fuck are you doing in our home?"
  17. John

    "Exactly, but my name isn't Johnathon." He chuckled.
  18. *Carl steps out with a bullhorn in hand then keys it.*

    Attention, all personnel of the Independent State Armed Forces...

    Must up for testing at 0600. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  19. Helen

    I wrap my arm around her and make sure her weight is mostly on me. I don't need her stumbling and besides, I owe her one

    "Are you crazy? You were the true hero. You hurt yourself so badly too take him down..." I frown at her "I remember how panicked you got when you tried to break free. I-I just thought w-when y-you freed m-me t-that G-god h-had sent me a-an angel o-or something." I admit. I don't notice her dislike for Pen, but I know there is some tension there. But it doesn't matter. I need to see if she's okay.

    My head tilts as I suddenly see what she is seeing. A blind abnormal? "Huh. I haven't seen her around before." I comment lowly. Maybe she can help Dem. My heart lightens in my chest at the idea.
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