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    You should join the GIRL'S CLUB if you haven't already. :D Because we girls are awesome and need a place to talk about PERIODS and GIRLY THINGS without the boys puking! Just click that piccy and join!
  2. No Diana. Your girly girly romance gossip is like so high school.
  3. You're totally fat, Rory.

  4. Whatever Tegan. You're just Ampu.
  5. I think what Nic meant to say was:

  6. Y so hostile guyz?
  7. They fear what they don't understand...
  8. Ya, guys! Why don't you like the laaaadies? Are you scared of us girls? :d
  9. Shame I can't! I get along with girls so much better! :P
  10. Yeah, I'm way too manly for that cult. Damn. :(
  11. *Humps Diana's leg*
  12. I know all about periods.
  13. Vay, GMK, I sympathize with your attempts to convey a message, but I found them damned excessive.

    I was just trying to say, "What the hell is that link doing here?"
  14. Look like I need a new Nic's pics to english dictionary.
  15. Wow, this reminds me of elementary school where the boys would try to bully my friends and all I had to do was just say the word kiss and they'd flee like scared game. Are you all afraid of cooties? Sheesh, you all could make me wish I was a lesbian!
  16. Maybe we wish you were a lesbian too :P
  17. But when there would be no Ocha for me O_O!
  18. There is no Ocha for you NOW....

    But guys...Remember that this isn't insanity. IF you are so determined to speak in a recruitment thread aimed at the female populace...please DO keep it on topic.